Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Checking to see if this works...

I can't remember if I can post by sending an email from my smartphone, so I'm just giving it a try.

Fingers crossed this works and I'll be blogging more often.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

May 2017 better than the last. Blogwise. I'm hoping to blog a bit more both with my phone and from my laptop.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

At the Theater: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Going to the new Midland theater for the first time. After a long day of walking, I thought about going back to the house, but checked movie listings and remembered this movie was on it's last few days. No clue if it'll be good or bad,  just kinda want to see it.

Still have some time before the show, but my feet are completely wiped out. Chilling outside Nagoya Station until the sun goes down.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

LAX to NGO: Good news, Bad news

This was definitely one of my more eventful journeys crossing the Pacific. Let's play Good news, Bad news.

Good news: Traffic to LAX wasn't that bad at all

Bad news: My flight was delayed by over an hour and scheduled to land when my connecting flight departed

Good news: Bradley Terminal has outlets and free wi-fi and security was insanely stress free

Bad news: My flight left even later than the delayed time

Good news: The flight itself was smooth enough, watched a bunch of superhero movies (Civil War, X-Men: Apocalpse, and Batman v Superman) and sitcoms (HIMYM and Friends), and we landed before my connecting flight

Bad news: It was still only 30 minutes before my next flight

Good news: The flight attendants moved me to the back of the plane just before landing to go up the stairs and walk through first class to get out faster

Bad news: First class folk are really slow when it comes to getting their stuff together (though I don't blame them)

Good news: Still got off the plane in record time

Bad news: I needed to get from Gate 10 to Gate 35

Good news: A staff member met the Nagoya-bound folk and drove us to the closest security check point in one of those carts. And she went FAST and helped us cut the security line.

Bad news: After security, we were on our own and of course Gate 35 was at the end of the hall. Like all the way.

Good news: After a mad dash (2 minutes, according to my smartphone), I got on the plane on time.

Bad news: My suitcase did not.

Good news: Once I got to Nagoya, the staff were really good about guiding me through what to do paperwork-wise and stuff

Bad news: I have to wait until Monday to get my suitcase

Good news: They're delivering my suitcase, so tonight I'm going back to the house with just my backpack and regular bag and I don't need to ride the train or walk up the hill with my suitcase.

Bad news: My reserved seat on the train was next to a smoker who obviously had one or two between getting off the plane and getting on the train

Good news: Still relatively new smartphone kept me relatively pre-occupied and got back to my room quite smoothly.

Bad news: Autumn has yet to arrive in Japan and the humidity is still hanging in the air.

Good news:  Took a shower and got refreshed. Checked Netflix in Japan for the first time (subscribed back in SoCal because Stranger Things) and realized that not only can I still access a lot of American dramas, a bunch of Fuji TV dramas are on there, including Galileo.

Bad news: There is a very good chance I'm just going to binge watch this and not sleep tonight.

Good news: I'm in my PJs in my bed. Safe and sound. Good night.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

First ever smart phone post

Let's see how this works out.

I already love the convenience of it. I had my reasons for staying away from a smart phone, but with the declining support for mobile sites on my non-smart phone, I knew I had to act quick.

I might even blog more. Instagram usage has already surged and messaging services have obviously become easier.

I had a bit of chaos yesterday with a mix up at the shop plus me not being used to the screen and not setting up the way I want it which lead to a rather objectively silly string of haphazardly typed messages and completly unrelated stickers... I've started to get the hang of it.

Though seriously, what is up with the speed at which the battery just drains? Will have to set up a back up battery system like everyone else. Meh.

Okay, now that I've used 3% of my battery for this post, I think I'll stop here.

One last note: Check my Instagram today. There will be Tokyo pics.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Jota Takahashi Coffee

I've found another cafe to love near the house. Awesome atmosphere, good food, and hand dripped coffee.

And their macchiato is the real one.

And they have affogatto! Must try. So many things on this menu that I want to come back for to try another time.

Monday, June 27, 2016

At the theater, After thoughts: To Young To Die

What the hell did I just watch? XD


It was way more than the trailers let on, which is refreshing. The intentional shaky camera work left me really queasy, but I bore through it.

One of the most WTF movies I've seen in a while. Worth it, but not for everyone.

Hope my tummy recovers in the next 30 minutes for my training session.