Sunday, May 25, 2008

Robin's Nest

Nest?! April 19 On April 19th, I heard a flutter of feathers and looked outside my window to find a nest in the process of being built. Of all the places, a robin decided right outside my window would be the perfect location.

I spent the next month or so checking in the nest and taking pictures almost every day. I decided to hold off posting about it here so that I could do a digest of the whole process like DASH. (Yes, my mind is never that far away from TOKIO.)

First thing every morning and every time I came back to my room, I would check on the progress of the nest:
Nest: April 22

The nest is complete.

Nest: April 23

One egg

Nest: April 24

Two eggs

Nest: April 25

Mommy warms the eggs

Nest: May 4

Discovered a third egg
when Mommy was away

Nest: May 7

One chick

Nest: May 8

Two chicks

Nest: May 9

Parents take turns
feeding the chicks

Nest: May 10

Down feathers

Nest: May 13

Pin feathers

Nest: May 16


Nest: May 17

Eyes open

Nest: May 19

Squeaky little fluff balls!

Nest: May 22On Thursday morning, I saw the chicks fluttering around outside the nest and by that afternoon, the nest was empty.

I could see a bit of blue of the one egg that never hatched peeking through. Left behind. Just like me. *sniffle*

And now every time I see a robin, I'm going to wonder if it is one of the parents or one of the chicks, all grown up. (^_^)

More photos of the nest and the robin family on my Nest set on Flickr.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Looking back on the semester

Classes ended last week and grades are in. It's hard for me to believe that the semester is over. There are always things I could have done better, but I'm determined to keep this blog positive, so I'll just focus on what I've gained. I also started out passionately writing about why I chose the classes I did and such, but I realized that most people probably wouldn't be too interested, so I'll refrain from the details.

LIS 404: Management
A class to bring home the realities of having a library job. I learned about different types of libraries and the bureacracy involved in each. And I got to talk to the Librarian of the Harvard-Yenching Library. And the class got cookies every week.

LIS 407: Reference
My professor for this course was fantastic. No words can do his lectures justice. Every week he proved that a library job is boring only if you make it boring. While I did learn about reference materials and reference questions and the reference interview, possibly the best thing I may have learned is that chances must be taken. I forgot that somewhere along the way in the semester, but with the way the course ended, I don't think I'll forget it for the rest of my librarian life.

LIS 423: Storytelling
In my efforts to be different from everyone else, instead of focusing on fairy tales or mythology, I wrote my paper about and told stories from the rakugo tradition. I'll be honest, my serious interest in rakugo started after watching Shaberedomo Shaberedomo, which I watched simply because Taichi Kokubun had the lead role. As I read more about rakugo, I found in the tradition what the weekly readings attempted to convey. I find speaking in front of an audience easier now and, rather than more confidence, I think it's because I make sure to keep in mind what I want to convey and the situation in which I must convey it.

I got over-excited in the beginning of the semester and ran out of steam around Spring Break. I'd like to work on pacing myself during Summer Session and participate more in class discussions.