Thursday, June 19, 2008

A change of pace


I've let yet another month go between posts. While I have a lot to say, I don't post it here because I've been attempting to write both English and Japanese versions of everything I post and this has been much more draining that I had expected.

I can write a lot in English. I can write a lot in Japanese. But when I have to think about both so that one will be the mirror of the other just in another language, it is draining to the point where I am tired before I've even started typing.

I finally realized that the way I write in English is very much the American side of me and it's not just how I express myself, but how I view things and how I explain them for my imagined audience. And these are all different when I write in Japanese. I'm not the same person. But I am. So the core of what I'm saying is the same, but the shape it takes is different.

Previously I had been writing posts in English then translating them into Japanese, but from now on I will decided a topic and write freely on both. Hopefully that will keep me writing more and provide an interesting site for those who can read both English and Japanese.