Saturday, December 31, 2011

My vote


Original Smile did it for me.

Halfway through...

I put my half-way vote in for Red. And for just one reason: Sheena Ringo.

I had no idea this was her first time on Kohaku.

She was awesome. And her set was just as hot. So cool. Had to vote for Red just because of that performance.

Red's not too shabby this year. But in the second half is Tokunaga, Go Hiromi, Nagabuchi, Masha, and the Johnny's boys: TOKIO, Arashi and SMAP.

Speaking of which, my darlings are up next.

I end and start my year with these boys. Even though they're totally in the realm of old men now. Which makes them even more inspiring and awesome to me.


As the participants came down the stairs in the beginning, I wondered where TOKIO was. Until I saw someone in the procession waving way too much. First thought: "Oh goodness. That's Taichi, isn't it."

And sure enough, the next thing on the screen is an up-close and personal shot of Taichi hogging the camera.

And there they are, supporting Fuji Ayako and having a blast in matsuri style.

I love my boys.

As for my prediction this year, from the group members, I'd go with white, from the performances so far, it's about equal.

Might update later. Just in case I pass out, Happy New Year.


Getting ready for the new year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Toyohashi: Birthplace of Black Thunder

Bought these on the way to my grandmother's. Just had to.
So much more expensive than regular Black Thunder. But I find it amusing.

Will be munching on these while playing DGS over the New Year.

And I'm off!

Headed to my grandmother's for new years.

Farewell Nagoya until 2012.

Packed a bit of Kenjinkai work, my New Years Cards, my DS, BACCANO! 1711, and not much else but I still have 2 full bags. Left the laptop in my room because it's just too much trouble.

30min later...

Got paranoid about whether or not I locked my window, I went back to check costing me half an hour. But I picked up some chargers I forgot first time round.

Such is the way with me and trips.

Almost to Nagoya and I've decided on taking the Shink.

20min later...

Today's holiday schedule so it's only 380yen extra. Score!

And I got a 410yen bowl of kishimen for dinner. Yum.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Slumber party

Rum coke berry juice and Eat Pray Love. Such a girls night.


Sausage tomato cream pasta


Bought a lot more than I had planned at the supermarket. Shoved it all into my bag, but it's damn heavy!

Though it costs less than what I picked up at the stationery store.
I've also managed to make my New Years card project much bigger than it need to be.

This is going to be fun! Whee!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Cards

I got 35 of them done but I need to send more than that... or a lot less...

So what's a girl to do?


Off to the stationery store for postcards and stickers!


With one anyways.

Time for bed and I'll do the rest in the morning.

Gold Fingers

Still printing. Making a mess. So much fun!

Check it out!

Took a few tries to get the paint to take to the lino, but it's getting there.

Monday, December 26, 2011

DGS get!



Went out and played for as long as my aching back would let me.

These boots: so worth the 4990yen.

Snow boots!

Warm and toasty-toed Mel wants to go out to play in the snow!

For under 5000yen, I got no complaints. I went with the bulkier ones to match my long coat. These will work in the rain too.

Let's test 'em out!

Need to go home and unload first. And find my earmuffs or don my white pompom hat.
Hmm, I say pompoms!


Please excuse the photos. It's also DARK! which is partly why it's still a winter wonderland and not the slushy hell I fear is to come.


Nagoya doesn't get much of it from what I hear, so I am worried about how the city will handle it.

Also? I need snow boots. Maybe I'll splurge and get some after work.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

White Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.
The weather gods have deemed this Christmas to be a white one.

It just started to snow as I left the house and this year I thought "Whi...snow!" as opposed to years before when I thought "There's white stuff in the air...Oh! It's snow!" Nice to see I've progressed over the years.

So now I'm off to work!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Creative therapy

There are some things some people want me to be doing, but this is what I want to right now.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Check out the food!

Damn good turkey

Late post #2: Yesterday's haul

Almost all of it fit in the Loft bag and my smaller backpack.

So much awesome stuff. I think I need to start "The best \___ I've spent this month" to introduce my shopping wins. And some of the fails too. One of the wins from Loft is going to massively increase how much I cook. Last night, a simple olio aglio (sp?); today, eggplant garlic ginger udon. Both awesome.

At BookOff, I managed to find the 7th BakaTest Radio CD. And picked up a VitaminX drama CD since Teri reminded me of my other one.(Hey Teri, if the extra tracks are good, I'll send them your way.)

I like both DS progams I got. One for eye training and the other is brain puzzles. Couldn't find BACCANO! but I didn't really expect to, so it's all good.

Speaking of BACCANO! I haven't doven into the book yet. The 1700s have been pretty involved and this is 1711. It's THE 1700s story. So I'm saving it for new years at my grandmother's. Should be just the right length.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Late Post #1: Nabe Party!

Had our second nabe party at the house on Tuesday. My friend was able to come too and it was awesome.

The theme was get rid of what you have in the fridge. And soy milk. Not that those two are exclusive.

For dessert, rollcake of awesomeness and strawberries! Yum.

I wonder what next week's nabe is going to be.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Along with lots of stuff from Loft.

I'll post my haul later. Whee! So much good stuff!

Lunch decision made

Had some business in Fushimi so I got off early and remembered there's a CocoIchi on the way to Sakae. Score! And they have curry kishimen as a special limited area and time item on the menu! Double score! With fried mochi! Total yummers.


Oh yeah and a bib for bonus points.
Judging from the splotches, it was a neccessity.

Early winter walk

Walked to the next station over and it was a really nice walk! I took the opportunity to do a bit of mini training. More to keep myself in the mindset of training and climbing than to actually train.

The walk also let my thoughts wander a bit. Got some good thoughts and massive positive thinking. Completely forgot to vlog though. Oops.

I can't wait to see this place in the spring with all of the cherry blossoms.

Now I'm on the train and I'm starving. Getting a late lunch is my next priority. Hmm, what to eat. I'm in a curry mood, but in what form? CocoIchi or curry kishimen? Or Indian curry? Perhaps Thai. Ooh the choices.

2 cups of coffee!

That's all that's in my tummy right now.
Headed to the ward office then Sakae because my grandmother quarentined herself. And there's no use forcing myself on heq when all it's going to do is make her worry about me catching her cold.

So I'm in total sporty clothes today. It's so warm in the sun. Yay!

Anime for the Soul...? (warning: meandering post ending with Fangirl!Mel (caffeinated))

Don't mind the title, it was the first thing that came to mind.

Mel's Top 3 Repeatedly Watchable Anime Series

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Picking up some essentials

I don't got no work until Christmas!

Still can't booze it up too much since I need to go to the ward office tomorrow before heading to my grandmother's.

BUT I'm not teaching tomorrow. Particularly not at 7am. Score.


Climbing is a lot more fun when there are hot guys who know how to climb.

Sometimes people come in and just attack the wall and force their way up a route straight off the bat.

Then there are those who use the easy routes to warm-up in slow, graceful, efficient, cat-like movements.

Like I said, hot.

At the gym

Yeah...I'm afraid of falling. So I gotta get over that first.

And also remember to cut my nails.

Current goals:
1) send all the 10s without second-guessing my feet
2) jump down from the top without totally freaking out
3) send an 8 with relative ease



13min=Quite unpleasant.

6:01 - Wake up for the n-th time.

6:14 - Catching my breath at the station, waiting for the 6:16.

Still climbing today though.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Lookie! I remembered to take a picture on my way home!

Can you tell the difference between DARK! and night?
...yeah, me neither.

DARK! but not COLD!

And also not hungover at all. Yay!

I have a long day ahead of me today. Not getting home until about 10. Isn't that a scary thought?

If I remember, I'll post a pic from the same place on my way home.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Headed home

If you could check the time stamp, you'd notice there's 1 minute between the first and second pictures. Some of you may be shocked there's actually a full minute in there, don't worry, I'll be getting a 2L when I get to my home station.

As for the third picture, please tell me that's obvious why I took it.