Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 31 - OMG I made it through Vlogust!

Since there were some requests, I did a vlog of me talking to the camera while I was at my grandmother's.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A sudden turn of events

October may be a completely different than I was imagining it to be...

Day 30 - Last minute vlog, just walking home

A short one that was taped just a while ago. Sorry for the abrupt cut off at the end. Now you can see what this hill looks like when I walk up it. And it looks like I'm walking a lot faster than I thought I was walking...

Tomorrow's vlog, as mentioned in this vlog, will probably go up at least past 10pm. I'll be at my grandmother's, disconnected from the Internet.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 29 - Paper Vlogging Ver 2

This vlog was taken laaaate last night, just saved it so you wouldn't have two vlogs within two minutes of each other. I must say, I had fun doing this one and I don't think it was just the late-night high.

Perks of living on a hill

Running to the station is much easier.

Thank goodness I'm not living at the bottom of a hill.

So I didn't end up staying up all night. I guess it was for the better. But I'm still passing out when I get home.

Day 28 - Paper vlogging a festival

Trying something new...

Proving I'm not like Japanese girls

Yep. I bought a 2liter bottle of my cold blended tea of choice and I'm chugging it down as I walk home.

Let's see how much I drink by the time I get home. Any bets?

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Still have 5min to the train, a 25min train ride and a 5min walk home.

Vlog is so not going up before midnight because I'll still be on the subway.

At least I had a good time. Even if I smell of cigarette smoke. I'm totally going to have to take a shower when I get home. Depending on how I feel after, I might just pull an all-nighter.

Going out...

We'll see if I regret this later but I'm going out to a work party tonight.

This party also means today's vlog will be late. I taped it already but I might not have the energy to post it when I get home. Don't even know if I'll get home before midnight.

I have a 7am tomorrow.

But first! Dinner! For whatever reason, I'm bad at ordering food at office parties. The introvert in me comes out, if that makes any sense. I get weirdly self-conscious. The people I work with are pretty extroverted, so I'm sure that has something to do with it as well.

Now if you'll excuse me, my CocoIchi awaits.

Day 27: Racing the clock

And I lost. Oh well. Why am I late today? You'll have to watch the vlog to find out! (It's a really silly, yet perfectly valid reason.)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Guilty pleasures

I know I should cut back, but sometimes a Kirin Lemon soda is irresistible.

On my way to work and still waiting for a call or email from my parents. I'm not going to get into details, just some stuff going on back in SoCal. Hopefully I can Skype with them tonight.

Sometimes it's hard being an only child.

Anyways, not dwelling on that. Time for work.

Day 26: Naptime

Okies, now off to work~!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25: Another yellow bag...

Lookie what I got!

Vlog Notice

Today's vlog may be late depending on when I get home. I've taped it already but I opted for a nap between shifts. And if I get booked for the last slot, I'll be getting home close to midnight.

Not that it's an amazing one or anything. I am plotting a cool one soon. Or at least it sounds cool in my head.

I'm enjoying these vlogs and I think I'll be continuing them, though not every day. Maybe do the YouTuber thing and post one vlog a week. That way I may be able to stich videos together and post more interesting things. Like how to fold gyoza.

Speaking of gyoza, two gyoza making days have been decided at the house. Gyoza!

Tokyu Hands Madness

Just wanted to pick up some postcards for Postcrossing after work and found myself face-to-face with a huge sale and crowds of people.

So now I'm in the Meitetsu with my heart set on some Lupicia Cookie tea.

A few minutes later...

Lupicia GET!


Blog post titles

I was looking at the hit counts on individual posts and "I should have known better" and "He doesn't mean to but" have an drastically more hits. I would be more likely to click those titles as well.

But I'm not writing this blog for the hits. Mainly it's to confirm that I'm alive, keep up what little English skills I have, and keep me awake in the train.

And totally off topic, but I'm starving and really want McD's right now. Luckily I am at Nagoya this morning so I can drop by. Yay!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 24: Afternoon at a cafe

Wow, I haven't blogged today? That's weird.... Here's today's vlog. I was hoping to have a different vlog for your today, but the line was just too damn long.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 23: Curry Fireworks

No, like seriously. The package said the fireworks smell like curry.

Potato soup

Found that frozen peas aren't common in my supermarkets.

But the manager of my sharehouse gave us a bunch of potatoes that are getting close to the end of their road. A housemate also got potatoes and onions from her mom a while back that are also getting there.

Now that we have a food processor, I thought I should take advantage of it. Potato soup!

I left the bacon bits my mom sent me at my grandmother's, but it's still yummy.


New addition to the house

Ever since Sunday night I've been going on and on about a new kitchen appliance.
Last night, it arrived!

Within a span of 24 hours we went from looking at a bunch of basil to raving about the pesto we made with our new food processor. Yum!

Think of all the possibilities!

I think I'll make some pea soup.

Not that he means to but...

Nakai singing gives me courage. Someone who sings that badly with that much confidence on national TV... How can you not be inspired to shed your inhibitions?

He honestly wasn't this bad on 006. I wouldn't be surprised if he purposely got worse. And I mean it in a good way. The best way possible actually.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 22: Mel + Loft = Mel with no money

Title says it all...

Should have known better

Went to the last day of Arinacchi's exhibit to get a better look at the pieces without the crowds.

Awesome. Though I still kind of wish they did a number of things differently. The main thing being I wish they had more pieces. But some of my favs were there and I got a glimpse of Arrinacchi so it's all good.

Anyways, I remembered that kitchen appliance that should be coming today and the stuff I'll be able to make with it. So I went to Loft to pick one up.

Yeah, that was a bad idea. I got stuff I need but...yeah...

Will vlog the booty when I get home. So much stuff.

Good morning!

It's amazing how much happier I am when I know I have a little extra prep time.

Last night, as you probably saw in the last vlog, was spent in the common room with housemates. One bought some fresh basil early yesterday morning and left it out for anyone to use. This sparked a conversation about a certain kitchen appliance we all wanted. Within minutes we agreed to each put in some cash and said appliance was purchased with next day delivery after just a bit of browsing online. All because of a 50yen bundle of basil.

If the timing is right, I'll vlog the purchase tonight.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 21: Basil and lots of giggles

I have to wake up in about 4 hours. That sucks.*sigh*

But I had a great time with my housemates again. That rocked. *yay*

And we ate a whole bunch of potatoes. They were yum. *nom*

Why did I film basil? Why you ask? With any luck, you'll find out in tomorrow's vlog. *oooh*

And now to sleep. Sounds good. *zzzz*


Lookie! Lunch!

When this thing contains onigiri that I've made, then I've finally really settled in.

Grey skies

I've always prefered grey to gray. They almost feel like two different colors to me: gray has a pinkish, warmer feel while grey has a blue, cooler feel. Am I the only one?

Even if I am, I'm sticking with grey.

Mashed potatoes

The finished product. Or some of it.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 20 - Just in time?

Due to the nature of the job and me needing money, weekends are my long days at work. So I don't have anything too interesting happening outside of work and I'm sure as hell not going to vlog while I'm at work...well, maybe when I take a break and go for a walk, but that's still probably not going to happen.

As a result, I'm posting minutes to midnight and the vlog features a boiling pot of potatoes. Yay.

It's raining!

And not that muggy warm drizzle, but a cool soothing rain.

I would love to have today off to leave the window open and nap but alas! I have a relatively full schedule.

Can't wait until the weather is this cool every day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 19 - Quick vlog before napping

Came home between shifts and took a vlog and napped for three hours and it was good.


My grandmother turned 83 today.

Other than being a rather big number, it doesn't seem to have much significance, but 83 is the age that many of my relatives never reached.

I don't want to get into it too deeply, but yeah.

I couldn't go to her place this week and last thanks to my lack of foresight but I get to stay for a little longer than usual at the end of the month.

It is taking a lot out of me to visit as much as I do. Don't get me wrong, I go because I want to. I just have no time. to recover from work.

I promised my grandmother I'd give Nagoya at least a year. Once that year passes, I'm highly considering returning to the Enshu area. I like Nagoya, but Enshu is home.

Speaking of which, my station. Laters.

To work! Again!

Had a nice 3-hour nap. A really nice 3-hour nap.

How is it that a 3-hour night's sleep is horrendous while a 3-hour nap is glorious?

Meh. Either way I'm looking forward to the weekend when I have more time in the morning and Tuesday when I have a bunch of free time.

And totally unrelated, but when a Maaya song played after a SuzuKen song on my player, I couldn't help but smile.

I slept about 3 hours

I'm so going back to bed after this.

I had four lessons this morning but now it's only 2. And again, I don't really mind.

I'm reasonably financially stable for the immediate future so now to focus on the mental and physical aspect.

And settling my schedule. I think the early morning + late night may be taking its toll. Next month I'm changing it up a bit with only one late night. They weren't filling up this month anyways.

Alrighties, enough about work outside of work.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Caught between a rock and a...well, you know

I'm still not sure about when to let loose the Japanese in a lesson.

I often find myself jealous of other instructors who can throw in a word or two. Not only does it cut explanation time in at least half, it adds some interest into the lesson. But when I use it, it's like I'm cheating and I really don't like that feeling. Mel English fail.

And it sucks because being able to explain different English nuances in Japanese is one of my greatest strengths. But to explain that much in Japanese is against company beliefs.

I want to create a system of "Japanese timeouts" where pure Japanese can be used for one minute. Three for the student and three for the instructor. If one is used, it's given to the other person.

Fully voluntary, of course. Maybe I could try it with one of my students more inclined to speak Japanese. Being given an out can be just enough to make someone determined not to take it.

That's how I am anyways.

Well, enough pondering, I'm slowly making it up the hill back to the house.

It's 7pm!

And I'm going to work!

With probably just enough time to get prep work done.

Productive time at home, I picked some postcards for Postcrossing, got a laundry basket (had been using the communal one), I vlogged and posted, and get this! I tidied up my room!

I'm sure there's a little applause going on from some folk. I am notorious for having a very cluttered room. Not completely done, but close. Just one more corner.

Okies, my transfer station is coming up soon.

Day 18: Laundry and Bandages

Gotta love Japan. And I gotta go to work. Catch you laters.


Would you say the owner of those feet is in line? Since it's relatively empty right now, sure. But sometimes I see this at crowded stations and they get so annoyed when someone steps in front of them. Then there are the little not-so-old ladies who cut in front of everyone.

Train manners...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 17 - Arina Tanemura exhibit

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went to see Arinacchi's exhibit. It was cool to see the originals of a lot of the pictures I saw while reading her manga as a kid. Today was the first day and Arinacchi was there doing a bit of talking and answering some questions so it was CROWDED. Plus there were 100 signed cards each day, but apparently they were giving one per item bought and with five different types of cards, practically everyone in the front of the line bought 5 postcard sets for 525 yen and all 100 cards were gone with the first 20 people. *sigh*

Anyways, with all the crowdedness today, I didn't get a chance to really look at the works, so I'm going to try to drop by tomorrow for a closer look. Still picked up some stuff today. (^_^)v

And today, my days off come to an end. Back to the daily grind tomorrow.


In line. And according to her Twitter, she just barely got on the Shink. Oh the fun when they Tweet on the way to an event.

Totally vlogged the start of queing. I would vlog this part, but I'm by myself and I don't have the guts.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 16: Fruit Trees

Where I show you fruit trees in the back and babble on for a bit. Sorry for the lack of content as always. Going to bed early because tomorrow is coolness.

A few days off

Taking advantage of the Obon season, I took a chunk of time off. Well, not really *that* much time. Just an afternoon and two full days. But it's nice to be able to get stuff done.

Mainly blog/computer stuff.

Alrighties, off to a private lesson.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 15: Harry Potter and the Camera-shy Vlogger

Like the title says...I really don't like talking into the camera, but I thought I'd give it a try. What do you think? Should I does these occasionally (and by that I mean once a month)?

Wrock Music

Heading out to see the final Harry Potter with housemates this afternoon. I'll be honest. I haven't read all of the books yet. I have a box set back in California, the one in a trunk-shaped box. I'll read it one of these days. Promise. But I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited about seeing the movie tomorrow. The end of an era, though I'm sure the fandom will live on.

Regardless of my lack of membership in the fandom, I do like the obsession that has grown around it. As anyone who knows me well enough knows, I really get into my obsessions (still on my Castle/Nathan Fillion kick) and I like seeing the positive ways all fandoms can grow. One of the forms of Harry Potter fandom obsession that I've stumbled across is wrock: Harry Potter inspired rock (and other genres).

So I present to you two of my favorite songs from Ministry of Magic, a band with my current favorite vloggers at Echo Base.

First I'll give you the silly House Song:

And next the much more serious ballad, Don't Leave:

They're good songs on their own, but if you know the Harry Potter story, it's a bit more poignant.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of a cut, I know it's not like me, but I wanted to post this in its entirety to increase the possibility of people watching the videos. (^_^)v

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 14: Handkerchief Reveal!

I'll try to get up an edited clip of the actual unraveling, but for now, here is a vlog that I took after me and my housemate got home. My friend who was doing this with us has a navy one. I'll put up photos later tonight if I can get through them. If not, I have a string of days off coming up this week, so I'll have them up soon.

Off to work at noon

While sleeping in was great, walking in midday heat sucks.

And I forgot my parasol even though I'm going home in the afternoon heat.

All for one lesson.
Sure, I might get two more, but I doubt it.

Not massively happy about it. I think I'll close them and go home after doing some prep for tomorrow.

Got better things to do than wait and hope for a few extra thousand yen. Like catch up on four months of ShizKen backlog and three weeks of photo blog backlog and edit Matsuri footage.

Okies my transfer station's coming up.

Day 13: A little late

I swear, I tried my best to get this up last night, but I was just so tired when I got home that sleep took priority.

The matsuri was a lot more crowded this time, but it was still a lot of fun.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Going to the matsuri again tonight but straight from work so today I'm carrying my work clothes AND my yukata.

Dude. I hope I didn't forget any parts. And I'm totally going to have to dump my stuff into a locker. The pquestion is at Sakae or Shiyakusho? Hmmm.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stupid minor injuries and small scars that won't go away

I was boiling some water to make some tea earlier today at the house and I dropped the kettle lid. I quickly moved my foot back, subsequently slamming it into the metal table behind me. It wasn't until I got back to my room that I noticed the blood. I cleaned it with some anti-bacterial stuff that I had on hand and it hasn't hurt since, but that made me think we need a first aid box in the kitchen, just in case. Maybe with an illustrated first aid book too. Like my Girl Scout handbook from back in the day.

As for old scars, I had a bit of a scare at my home station when I thought I saw someone who is the last person I want to see there. I'm most afraid of how strongly I reacted. It almost makes me angry but I'm not sure at what or whom.

It's probably best to not dwell on it.

Alrighties, just that last hill left untill home.

Day 12: The first part of my commute

Just walking down the hill to the station about a quarter to six in the morning.

The main difference

Between the 5:46 train and the 5:56 train: more people.


Due to transfer matters, I'm taking the train to Fushimi, which means I need to be in the front car.

I love the front car if I can look out the front window and watch the tracks, tunnel lights and pulling into stations. Doesn't get old.

It's kinda like a roller coaster, which cool and frightening at the same time.

5 hours later:
I keep forgetting to hit send when I get reception.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 11 - Nagoya Station. Watch at your own risk

WARNING: Don't watch if you get motion-sickness easily. I couldn't make it through all the way...

I didn't get any decent clips done, so you guys are getting the one of me walking around Nagoya station in the morning before anything is open. It's longer than usual and extremely shaky. But a post is a post and Vlogust is about quantity not quality.

Tomorrow's content...will probably also be of very low quality. But I have some fun stuff lined up for the weekend. How the vlogs will turn out...we'll see.

What I am lacking right now

Fiction. Just plain fiction. Movies, novels, and the like. Worlds that aren't this on. Lives that aren't mine. I miss that. A lot.

I miss the feverish fury with which I flew through the BACCANO series. Damn, do I want a new one, but Narita-sensei is busy with his other series. Maybe I should dive into a different series. I know! DenYuDen! That one is about 30 volumes now? I loved the anime (adored the radio show). And it stopped at such a heart-wrenching place. Or Wolf and Spice. BakaTest is on air now (and streaming legally!) so I can do without reading the original for a while.

Yeah, DenYuDen is sounding good. First, I'll look up the proper reading order then I'll check Book-Off.


Star Wars song stuck in my head...

For the past week or so, the chorus of this song has been stuck in my head. It helps that I used to be a Star Wars geek (don't know enough to really have the title anymore), but it's really catchy too. So I'm going to subject you all to the coolness that is Skyway Flyer (Jason Munday).

Oh yeah, and expect some Ministry of Magic wrock videos on Monday. You can guess what I'll be doing that day. (^_^)v

I should have a vlog up tonight. I need to take another one later today. I took two clips this morning, but I didn't really think about how shaky the video is when I walk. I think I made myself a bit motion-sick...*sigh* This is a learning process.

Good morning

I like the 5:46 train; it's practically empty.

One of the perks/drawbacks about living in a share house w/ cool folk like I do: it's really easy to get pulled into conversations. Really easy.

I went home early yesterday hoping to take care of some photo sorting and such. When I went to the kitchen, 4 of the girls were there and we ended up chatting until 10:30.

Great fun, horrible productivity.

Oh well.

And now I'm in a bakery munching on some bread. I probably should have tracked down a cafe for a morning set, but it's just as well. The bread is good, but there's no good morning set here; it's just a roll. Now I know better.

Okies, I'm going to finish my coffee, find a combini, then go to work.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10: Childhood train station

Vlogging from the western corner of Shizuoka! Yay!

Also, IT'S HOT. *sigh* Though right now is okay.

I was going to go through my photos and post on my other blog...but I ended up talking the other girls in the house for a while and now it's late. But we've set a date to see Harry Potter, so I know what I'm vlogging on that day and the two days before that too. When did I become a social person?

Okies, got an early morning lesson. Off to bed with me. Good night.

Something that Homesickness and Culture have in common

I think it was somewhere in my JET stuff that said something clicks in the brain in 3s. Three days, three months, three years.

I'm at the 3 and a half month mark since I landed which means I'm coming up on 3 months in Nagoya and I'm feeling a dull apathy that I've felt before. I just want to get through it. It's a different kind of survival.

I've found the best way to get through it is to drown myself in something and I think I have just the project.

I also need to plan my b-day trip. Kyoto's looking nice, but expensive. Maybe up the Ooi River. Or Tottori. Nara could be cool too. I want somewhere quiet. But not too quiet.

Hmm, yeah, Nara...

Back to Nagoya

I did a vlog entry at the station closest to my grandmother's place. Hopefully I'll be able to post it tonight before midnight.

It's hot.

August started and suddenly so did the hot muggy summers I associate w/ Japan.

I fear for my laptop in my room.

A lot.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unseen connections

This is my most favorite fan. (For those who get the reference, shiny. And no, I don't call it Vera.)

In the past 2 months, I've lost this fan twice. Not just misplaced it, but literally lost it. The first time, I noticed it was missing pretty quickly and had a good idea of where I dropped it, so I ran out into the afternoon heat and found it lying in the middle of the sidewalk. Getting drenched in sweat was worth getting my fan back.

The second time, I noticed at work on Sunday, but I just switched bags, so I thought it might be in my room. It wasn't. I resigned myself to the loss of my fan and remembered seeing one just like it in a store in Lachic. I would have some free time on Thursday. Then last night, my housemate came into the kitchen and handed me my fan without asking if it was mine. I showed it to her on Friday on the way to the matsuri and it's a bit unique, but still! I asked her where she found it and she said on the street. She just saw it and picked it up without a doubt or second thought.

This housemate of mine and I really get along. Our conversations can and have gone on for hour after hour. We also run into each other on the train randomly, even though both of our schedules are highly irregular. Most recently was Saturday when I spotted her on the train on the way home. I went over to say hi and she totally freaked out. She was just about to send a reply to a text I sent her a few hours before, when I showed up next to her.

Apparently it was this incident that made her not so surprised to find my fan on Monday.

Becoming friends with her is one of the best things about living in that house. Total awesomeness.

Day 9: A tour of the house with a bottle of ramune

I thought I'd take you around the house since I'm home and it's light. But first I open a ramune to officially start off my summer.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 8: Gyoza!!!!!!

Two minutes of gyoza footage. Oh yeah! Gyoza!

As I mentioned in the past post, I tried my hand at shrimp gyoza. They turned out pretty well.

Trying something new

Gyoza isn't new, but these gyoza are a little different. Both inside and how I'm going to try to cook them.

One of the girls in the house can't eat meat, but she can eat seafood so I thought I'd expand my gyoza repetoire and so I'm trying my hand at steamed shrimp gyoza.

I usually don't do shrimp or steaming so I'm a bit weary, but I figure I may as well try. I have regular gyoza stuffing in the fridge too.

*crosses fingers*

One common trend

While doing Vlogust I've started to look at things from a moving pictures angle and it's fun. It's still my point of view, but it's different.

I usually think about the composition of a shot, but with videos, composition is one of the last things I think about.

I have to consider speed, flow, sound from both my voice and anything going on in the background, focus (since I can't re-focus on my P&S while filming) and probably a bunch of other things I can't think of.

Anyways, what I wanted to say when I started this post is that since I'm uploading a video every day, I'm constantly leaving my SD card in my computer. Looks like today's Vlogust will be after I get back.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7: Dinner at Saize

While the one near my place is relatively quite, this one near the Loft in Sakae is always packed and always extremely loud. But at least I got a vlog up for today. (^_^;)v

Late night snack

Since I'm probably going to make more tomorrow, I figured I should cook up the gyoza left over from last time.
Mmmm, gyoza.

This image means...

Yep. Headed home.

Dropped by a cosplay event (so many Rankas and Sheryls!) with a friend and ate a late dinner at Saizeriya.

The event was pretty huge, but we got there a bit late so we couldn't see the stage. I was a bit curious to see what characters were around, having a few ties to that subculture, but we didn't stay long. Though I did spot some good Heart no Kuni no Alice characters.

As for dinner, the Sakae Saize was packed as always. I took a short vlog that featured my order, though I might not use it.

I find it's hard enough to vlog in general but add my English to my outward Japanese appearance and people get confused. Or just glare. I can deal with confusion, but the glaring makes it tough.

I also don't know what to say. Should I vlog as though people are actually watching? Are people watching? I guess I should at least provide context.

I'll try to do that starting tomorrow.

Hmm. What should I blog? Maybe my walk up or down the hill? Or...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vlogust 6, 2011

Maaaaan, a half year blank is huge. As is the switch from top rope to bouldering. I only climbed some V0s for 40 minutes and I was done. *sigh*

But I found the place that's a 20 minute walk from my place. AWESOME.

Gorgeous clouds

And me without my camera. Or rather, my memory card.

But now I have it. Why? Because I also forgot my work shoes and had to run halfway back up the hill. So I grabbed the card too. Thank goodness I remembered my parasol and towel. And I'm wearing a skirt. It's currently noon on a very hot day.

Since the stores are open, I can use them to get to the office w/ only 1min of sunlight. Score.

Just two lessons today. Up to four possible. Then, I climb!
*happy dance*

I might check out the local matsuri on the way home.

And I might close a bunch of lessons tomorrow too. And at the end of the week. We had fun at the matsuri yesterday and are thinking about going again. Yay!

Or to the night zoo.

Or Inuyama.

It's finally summer. Rock on!

And the AC in the train has cooled me down so I'm no longer a sweaty mess. Yay!

Time for work. Then fun!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vlogust 5, 2011

Went to the Nagoya Castle Evening Matsuri. I have lots of other photos and videos, but I take forever editing those and I only have 7 minutes until midnight, so yeah.

Matsuri da!!


We're leaving...soon?


Really full and going to be even more sleepy.


A huge part of me wants to close a lot of lessons this month.

It's a bit slow and honestly, I'm already getting burned out and that is not good. I managed to sleep through my alarms this morning. Thankfully I closed the earliest slot.

So glad today is workshop stuff. And tonight! Matsuri!

Maybe I'll close tomorrow morning too. I'm just tired. Most of it my own fault, but doing something about it is also my responsibility and it feels like the best way is to sacrifice some pay for relaxation.

And right now to me that means natsu matsuri and climbing! Plus recovery time.


Got the curtain up.

Good night!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vlogust 4, 2011

As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to copy Ingrid and call my vlogging project Vlogust. VEDA is April and I refuse to say VALA!!!! every time I vlog. Not that I have to follow those rules, but I may as well follow suit.

This is my train station. There's no one there. Yeah...

Serious reading material

Also stopped by the book store and after checking out release dates, realized ONE PIECE came out today.

Squee. I know what I'm doing tonight. After I hang my new curtain and iron my shirt for tomorrow...

Got one lesson tomorrow, might turn into two, then workshop, then MA TSU RI♪

That seems to be the most exciting thing tomorrow, the vlog will be matsuri footage. Whee!

And on Saturday! Climbing!

I know I said I was holding off until September, but when I was looking up gyms to coordinate my day-off activities, I found that one of the gyms is in walking distance from my place! About a block from the library! That means I've walked right by it before!

Checked my work schedule and closed the open lessons after my last booking on Saturday. That should give me about one hour of climb time, which is probably more than my body can handle anyways.