Monday, October 17, 2011

New pens!

When I think about how much I spend on stationery, or better yet, how much I want to spend on stationery, clothes shopping looks so much more affordable.

I finally got into the world of Frixion pens. Erasable pens. In lots of colors. It's a miracle I waited this long.

These are far from perfect since they erase because of heat. So a day in the sun would probably be a bad thing. I doubt it'll be much of a problem for lesson notes, but it's definitely not ideal for anything I want to keep permanently.

Sarasa is still my general pen of choice, but cutting down on correction tape is probably a good thing.

And now with more colors, my lesson notes will be even more like elementary school. Yay? Definitely will be driving away the salarymen.

And totally unrelated, there's a TOKIO ad hanging above me in the train. You have no idea how much I want to take it and hang it in my room.

They're the CM personalities for a keitai card RPG and apparently the game has now created TOKIO cards. Leader's guitar looks like a bazooka. Taichi and Yamaguchi are heros 勇者, Matsuoka is a knight 騎士, Nagase is a swordsman 剣士, and Leader is a soldier 戦士.

Color me amused.

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