Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Playing w/ the fisheye

I want more of these lenses!

The question becomes: which ones?

Definitely effect ones, I don't feel I need color filters. Kaleidescope and warp probably fit my current needs.

Foolishly started two new blog projects. One is extremely low-maintenance so I'll link once I get a few posts up. I'll probably ask people to join in too; it's silly and simple but you guys know that's the kind of stuff that I love the most. I also havd a hope that it might end up revealing answers to questions I haven't thought of yet. Or at least lead to more questions.

In anycase, I can guarantee most first reactions will be WTF for people new to my life and those who are aware of what I am capable of will smile, give me the equivalent of a pat on the head and say "as long as you it makes you happy".

The other blog? We'll see. It'll take me a bit more time and I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up so I'm holding off showing anyone for now. I'll tell you this much: it'll be in both Japanese and English.

Alrighties, off to make a decently big purchase that is way overdue.

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