Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snapping a shot. Or not.

I think what steers me away from doing street photography is that the shots I want are usually too candid. Some people just don't like being shot. It's the way it is.

I'm fine with drawing the scene. If I could draw, that is. Drawing something, I choose what goes in and what doesn't and what interests me is the composition of a scene, usually created out of pure coincidence. Patterns in the chaos. A photo can capture more than I intend, including hints as to the identity of my unsuspecting target. I'm not interested in reality, just the perception of it.

So, what triggered this blog post?

On my morning commute, four women sitting in a row, all asleep, leaning forward with their long hair draped over their faces. They were so beautifully in synch, even their hair length was the same, and judging from how much space was between them, they didn't know each other. When I got on the train, it was like being greeted by a row of Cousin Itts.

But you can see how identity of the women would be a problem in a photo. It's a funny scene, it would have been a great shot, but not something to be the subject of.

Maybe I should just learn how to draw.

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