Friday, October 28, 2011


You know, I used to wake up to the morning sunlight. Now I wake up to a pre-dawn sky.

It's pretty, don't get me wrong. But I think about how it's only October and I have two more months worth of getting darker.

Honestly? That scares me.

On a slightly related note, I'm awake right now. It's weird. Two nights of decent sleep and there has only been one major change. Well, yesterday was a trip out to I'm still not sure where. It was a lot of fun and a seriously needed refresher.

But the change? I'll post a pic later.

Right now, I'm on the train to work and I'm starving!

Need to wake up earlier and make breakfast. The biggest problem is that I have this thing where I feel I don't have time but I also don't want to use the microwave. Will have to work something out.


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