Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Meieki!

Spending my b-day weekend in Hama. Rock.

I keep forgetting I'm travelling on a weekend. And a 3 day one at that. So many people! Splurged for the Shink to Toyohashi.

So many people at the station! But not on the train. Score!

Also, I booked my hotel in Kyoto. Plan so far: take the local train there in the afternoon, check in, go to Fushimi Inari, stay for one night, wander for the day (mainly Kiyomizu and Gion), take the Shink back around 9pm. I have the next day off to relax and sort through pictures.

I'm extremely tempted to rent a kimono for the day. The shop is in Kiyomizu so it wouldn't be out of my way. I guess it depends on how much I feel like standing out that day.

Yay Hama! Yay Kyoto!

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