Friday, November 18, 2011

DARK! o'clock

Amazing the difference a few days make.

It is now nighttime when I leave for work and it proves I *am* a night owl. I'm totally more willing to deal with the morning shift now than I was about a month ago when it was just a bit light and I was whining about how dark it was getting. Now, it's like, "Bring it."

Also realized that with the cold air and lack of people, I can hear the subway approach and leave the station before mine. It's kinda cool. Its roar grows as nears my station and when it turns the corner, its lights reflect off the tunnel walls and grow brighter like the coming dawn. (Am listening to DOES, doa and the Umineko OP right now. My MP3 player always did have awesome random song order. And now it's Mori Shinichi! Sweet! The 2003 Kohaku performance of this song was epic.)

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