Tuesday, November 8, 2011


That's what I'm going to call this from now on. DARK!

Because it is.

And the cold is setting in this morning.
Got the gloves on and I really want ear muffs.

On a completely different topic, I changed the music on my MP3 player. Masha!! I love this album. 6am and I have this huge smile on my face. Which is part of the reason I wanted to listen to the album. There's one song where at the very end he says 「ね、笑って」 (Hey, smile) and it never fails to make me smile. Masha asks you to smile, you don't refuse. Actually, the reaction is involuntary. That sexy voice simply compels me to smile.

So I put the album on my player, but now I want to dance. I'm in way too good of a mood for 6am.

Love this man's voice.

...I want to watch Galileo again. I still haven't read the newest books. Though the English translation of The Devotion of Suspect X is on its way to me. Reading it out curiosity more than anything else. And imagining how Masha would sound in EnglIsh.

*sigh* I want a relationship like a Masha love song.

All the love songs make sense, eh?

If only.

See what I did there?

Probably not.

Hey! New Castle!

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