Saturday, November 26, 2011


Thanks to the awesomeness that is my mom, I'm now reading the English translation of the first Keigo Higashino Galileo novel.

So far, it's a good read. Plus it doesn't make me feel like I'm reading a translation. Totally plan on recommending it to my high level people.

I hope they do the first two short story collections and the rest of the series too.

And to anyone who has seen the Masha TV series:
There's a lot that's different. Number one being Yukawa's partner is Kusanagi, Kaoru's sempai in the TV series. Kaoru supposedly makes her appearance from the third short story collection. Still need to read that. (Also in the third novel, I've heard there is a Bones reference. Rock!)

I would write more but my thumb is getting sore...


  1. English translation?! OMG!! WANT!


  2. It just came out this year and I just happened to come across it. It's a good translation and reads like the original. I'm quite satisfied.

    Even if the image of Yukawa in the books is completely different, I kept imagining Masha through the whole thing. Ishikawa is also completely different. Supposedly completely unattractive and they went and cast Tsutsumi Shinichi. Not that I'm complaining. (^_^)

  3. hee! It's hard to imagine Yukawa-sensei as anyone but Masha.

    hmmm, I wish that more Galileo books were translated. I noticed that the author had a book called "Naoko" translated into English. I wonder if that's any good.


  4. I also took the liberty of listening to his singles album while reading it. *sigh* Such a beautiful, beautiful man.

    No idea of the other book is good. Haven't read the Japanese one either...