Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anime for the Soul...? (warning: meandering post ending with Fangirl!Mel (caffeinated))

Don't mind the title, it was the first thing that came to mind.

Mel's Top 3 Repeatedly Watchable Anime Series

  1.  BACCANO! - I've talked about this series so much, and I will continue to talk about it. The music, the characters, the pace, the storyline. I love EVERYTHING about this series. Not to mention my complete love for the original light novels. If you can follow the apparent chaos of the anime and keep track of the character, the novels are a blast. And I hear the anime voices when read the books. You read someone's lines in the novels and you know who it is just because of the way they talk. It's sheer awesomeness. Narita-sensei said that no one is the main character, or rather everyone is a main character. You pick your favorite and follow their story. I think it was Joss Whedon on the Firefly commentary who told a story about an actor who said, when portraying a villain, you just act you are the man. Everyone is the the main character in their own story and villains are always doing the right thing in their own minds. I don't completely agree with that, but I like it. And if you watch or read BACCANO! with that kind of idea in mind, it's SO MUCH FUN. Personally, I am a a fan of Firo and of Claire, but after the light novels, I have a soft spot for Ladd as well (plus Fujiwara Keiji's voice is so damn hot). Firo is, as Carol says in the first anime episode, main character-ish. His inner struggle later on in the novels is classic...
Changing the top 3 topic!!

Mel's Top 3 BACCANO! Characters
  1. Firo Prochainezo
  2. Claire Stanfield
  3. Ladd Russo
Though number 3 changes constantly with these three: Elmer Albatross, Luck Gandor, and Huey LaForet, depending on which time frame I'm in and what book I'm reading. 


I was totally going to write more, but as I looked up the BACCANO! DS game out of curiosity while I was writing this, I found that the 1711 novel just came out on the 10th and I literally had a fangirl spaz in my room. Complete with the squeeing and jumping up and down. 

The two cups of coffee I just had might also have helped with that.

Anyways, now I need to go to the ward office to give them my new passport info and since my grandmother has forbade me to come to her house because she doesn't want me to catch her cold, I think I'll just head into town to get buy the new BACCANO! novel and possibly track down the game used at BookOff. If they don't have it at the Sakae store, I'm just going to order it on Amazon. Can't beat 50%. I also need to look at flights back home for a January California trip and get a present for the gift exchange at a Christmas party on Friday. Also need to find some cute fuzzy slippers and another rug for my room.



I'm am so going to listen to the soundtrack on my way to the bookstore.



Lilo's line after Stitch built San Francisco out of stuff in her room and proceeded to destroy it comes to mind. 
"No more caffeine for you."
Luckily, that's for me to decide and the readers of my blog to suffer the consequences of. (^_^)v

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