Sunday, December 11, 2011

A fully satisfying Sunday

Went bouldering after work, or rather, I left work early to go bouldering.

Maaan, a 10 month blank totally kills your game. I guess that should be obvious... But still! Add to that the fact that it's bouldering and not top rope...

But excuses are for the weak. It's not the cards we've been dealt, but what we do with them, right?

And now that I have climbing buddies and I can't fall behind, let the training begin!

After a few hours, the place closed and we went out for dinner. Score. Had yummy rice and an affogato. The girls were typical girls and tried each other's rice.

And now I'm on the train home and my arms aren't doing too hot, which means I was climbing wrong. Gotta read my climbing book again and just start training. But at least my shoes got some wall time and I'm pumped to keep climbing.

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