Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Late night me

Freedom of time leads to freedom of mind.

Finally allowed myself to enjoy life. Not as a survival method (laughter is a drug) but just because I can.

So I've been practicing my Japanese writing on my 3DS and watching anime. Cowboy Bebop, to be precise. Such solid story, music, animation and acting. I miss this kind of anime. Though Baccano does remind me of it.

As for games, I'm also thinking about more DS software. Got the writing program that was a major reason I got the DS in the first place. And VitaminY, of course.

Found a night sky one that looks pretty cool. And I want some puzzle ones too...

Oh yeah! And DGS! Though I'll probably have to track down a used one. Oh, the endless wasted hours.
Maybe the DS was a mistake. XD

Anyways, got work tomorrow so I may as well go to bed.

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