Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Thursday?

Spent all day indoors and I regret NOTHING.

It was actually somewhat productive. Played my game, did my laundry, talked to my mom for 2 hours on Skype, did kenjinkai stuff, made food, watched Castle, cleaned my room, made weekend plans to see two of the most awesome people in the world.

Yep. Not bad.

Right now I'm off to the Aeon to finally buy a Brita. Having charcoal in my water helps the taste but I doubt it filters effectively.

Also looking into a short file thingie I can put my printer on. Preferably with wheels. There's one at FrancFranc I have my eyes on, but if I can find a cheaper one, all the better.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Addictive games=SCARY

And so far it doesn't have horrible sifeffect of appearing in my mind when I close my eyes like Tetris and other puzzle games do.

But it's simple enough that I can do it and utilizes the touch screen so I don't need to use the controls, which I suck at.

So I keep wasting HOURS on it. Good point is that time just flies by on the train.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


With my morning and my newest DS obsession.

The smell of summer

It's in the air. That smell that makes me feel like I'm in Japan. Even after 4 years in Enshu and a year here in Nagoya, nothing can erase twenty years of going to Japan for summer vacation.

Japan meant humidity that made the hot days unbearable, with the heat even creeping into the nights. Blaring cicadas proving sound has an affect on perceived heat. Butterflies and dragonflies and frogs and crayfish and minnows to attempt to catch. Fireworks. Yukata. Fireworks while wearing yukata just because.

Summer is coming.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

To those who go to Komeda

Ever notice the sugar comes in 3g and 6g packages?

Also, randomly, they package it quite close to my house.

In other news, my mom's flying out today. I'm a bit sad, but there's email and Skype so it's all good.

Friday, May 25, 2012

To work

And not feeling too hot. It's not one particular thing, just a lot of little things, which I won't list here.

Maybe it's just too much right now. Everything. I need to step back. Thank goodness for next weekend and a lot of June, actually.

4 hours later...

Oops. Forgot to send this. Still not 100% happy but I could be worse, so I'll just count my blessings and not worry so much.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Bought a T-fal last week to make gyoza. My first T-fal! It's awesome. But I'm keeping it in my room because as much as I love my housemates and as much as the pan *is* a T-fal, my housemates use metal utensils on non-stick pans and occasionally don't wash all the oil and stuff off pans.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tonight was a good night

Work was long, but drinks after was fun.

Currently drinking my classic hangover prevention. Only had two drinks and not drunk at all, but better safe than sorry.

ALSO! Hunger Games! Japan! September! Yay! Thanks for the heads up Samantha!

Going to work on a Wednesday

Think of it like going to work in the middle of a three day weekend.

But meeting up with a coworker for drinks after so I'll say it balances out.

Best alarm clock ever

The sun has come to my side of the house. A bit past six, sunlight hits me in the face.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oreo Muffin

I was kind of expecting the Oreo to be imbedded in the muffin, but no complaints. Waiting for a friend to finish her shift.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Ver.2

Where is Ver 1, you ask?

Never sent it. But!

I will eventually.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I teach and work with awesome folk.

There was an impromptu field trip to the window by the elevators to squint at the eclipse.

My retina burned with awesome.

And now I'm having lunch @Cocoichi.

Golden Ring Eclipse

Blogging about what everyone else is blogging about in Japan.

I'm wide awake but I have lessons all morning. Curse my lack of foresight!


Actually I really like the people I'm teaching this morning, so it's not as bad as it could be.

But still!

Will try to snap a shot of the beginning before I start.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pregnant mermaids?

Altoids has crossed the line from cool to classic to sell-out to poser to just plain weird.

At least the peppermint ones are still all natural.

Sunday morning

@ Komeda

With my new found favorite kind of game: escape!

And when I sat down, they were playing Lisa Loeb's Stay. Awesome.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look who's not going to sleep

Downloading DS games!


This Komeda plays music from the early 90s. Love it!

Good morning

Despite the hellish nap I had yesterday -yes, a nap can be hellish- and going to bed at 1am -lost track of time fiddling around with my DS- I'm surprisingly awake this morning...

Just realized I may have neglected to turn my alarm clock off...Oops.

Off to enjoy a Komeda morning before a short day at work. It's going to be a long week so I thought I'd give myself a break. No matter how awesome the people who might fill them may be, I would resent the fact that the slots were filled.

I know myself at least that well. And better than I thought, the short day was eecided before the aforementioned hellish nap.

I need to find a way to deal with work. As Capt. Montgomery said in Castle 2.07?08? Kill the Messenger: Never let the job get in the way of the job.

Now if I could just figure out what the two "jobs" are in my life.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Back to work

So after a Mother's Day at my grandmother's, two days of taking my mom around Nagoya and two days of laundry and Hunger Games, it's back to teaching English.

Mixed feelings about it.

Too many to write here, but maybe that's the problem. I need to recharge. And yet I've filled my schedule with playtime. Some of which is long overdue, but still. It takes so much out of me.

I want to retreat back into my shell and do nothing but sleep. Which is what I intend to do between shifts today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Taking advantage of having the foresight to give myself two days off and finding the whole series at the bookstore after seeing my mom off, I read the second two books of the Hunger Games and it was awesome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wrapping up a busy two days

Chillin' w/ my mom at a Komeda near Meieki before she heads back to my grandmother's.

Two art exhibits, lunch at Ootoya, and a bit of shopping here and there.


Yesterday was Cesari, a LOT of kimonos, and LOTS of food.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Topped off the day with cake and tea

Strawberry cake from Juchheim and shin-cha from Chikumei-do


May have bought too much...

Unagi, strawberry shortcake, anmaki, kashiwa mochi, and green tea.

Almost bought some Fortmason until I remembered I work in a building with a Fortnum and Mason store.

Didn't buy any flowers but there's the old adage, 花より団子 (Sweets over flowers). In this case, LOTS of sweets.

Shopping can be fun, but because my days off are Tue-Thu, I've gotten used to the weekday crowds, so today's Sunday/Mother's Day crowds are throwing me a bit off.

It's not a huge deal, but it makes me like my current work schedule more.

Guess where I am

A handful of you will know. The rest won't. But it's all good.

Accidentally bought a Coke Zero

Aspertame...or however you spell it.

Along with that and the LOUD old men who out of an entire empty car, decided the seats in front of me would be perfect, today might not be my day.

Also, some guy came up to me on the subway today. From the looks of it, he has some kind of mental disorder (is this the current acceptable term?) He asked if I could speak, not to him, if I had the ability to speak, and asked if I was 30 in 2011 and turning 31 in 2012 and asked what station I was getting off at and if a person like him could get a girlfriend. These were all asked multiple times in different order with what I would describe as pity in his eyes and voice and an obvious disregard for personal space. Freaked me out a bit that he guessed my age right. Told him I hadn't decided what station yet and as for the girlfriend question, I gave a vauge encouraging answer, careful not to say anything that might suggest I was volunteering for the position. Then he walked on.

I've seen him on the train a few times before talking to various people as he walked through the train. I had a shorter encounter before when he said "Did you come here all by yourself? Good for you."

Maybe lonely, maybe something else. So far I'm settling with "disturbing but mostly harmless" But blogging about it just in case I need record of it.

Happy Mother's Day!

A bit early for some, but then this can be a reminder to wish the mothers around you a Happy Mother's Day.

Me? I'm off to see mine and hers.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Having my pre-work morning @ Komeda

I got a look of recognition from the staff this morning. One step closer to being a regular. Score!

I've got a full day today, but I took 3 days off starting tomorrow to hang out with my mom. So I just need to survive today. Seeing some regulars so I guess I shouldn't say "survive" but I'm not quite in top condition. Then again, when am I ever?


I've had worse and today I have my coffee.

The show must go on.

Challenge accepted.

Bring it on.

And just remember to breathe.

Friday, May 11, 2012

To work!

It's chilly this morning.

Got two full days of work and then some quality family time.

And hopefully it'll be an opportunity to look at my life. Start thinking about what's next. Get some groundwork done, then take a glorious chunk of time off to go to Tokyo.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charging my phone on the Shink=awesome

Title says it all.

Look who had the brilliant/stupid idea to go to Animate

After picking my mom up from the airport last night, we went straight to my grandmother's and chatted for hours.

Today, we had breakfast and tea and then my mom and I met up with a friend in Hama for lunch.

My mom headed back to my grandmother's and I thought I'd peaked into Toyohashi before heading back to Nagoya. And that's when I found the above two items at the Animate and couldn't resist.

My wallet hates me this month...but my brain loves me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waiting for my mom

The flight was delayed 30min so I had some tantan men.

Picking my mom from the airport

It's rush hour.

I don't want to fight the crowds, so having a reserved seat and a practically direct ride is worth 350yen.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And Stella!

Forgot to attach the Stella pic.

Popcorn was soy sauce first, then consomme. We made out at about 1500yen each. Not bad for the tipsy feeling I got right now.

Awesome day made of awesome with awesomesauce on top.

Now to get Soukenbicha and watch Castle.

...5 min after Happy Hour ended...

...we got our Guiness at happy hour price and got another just because the staff said our *first* one can be at the happy hour price.

We got popcorn too.

After returning from the Mountain with no casualties...

We walked around to walk off the grease and calories...

And ended up at Toys-R-Us for a while.

I got some stuff for my DS and some kick ass ONE PIECE stickers.

And now...

About halfway...

We're spending more time analyzing why the strawberry pasta's kinda annoying.

Climbing the Mountain

I'll explain later.

If I make it back...

The morning of The Climb

Why do you climb a mountain?

Because the mountain is there.

I shall clarify later this afternoon.