Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4 Years of Waiting #tosho_kohoka

ポップコーン & 男子寮

So my favorite seiyuu team? The show that started my obsession with seiyuu radio and brought be back into the anime world? After 4 years, they're back. I called Tatsu a liar the first year or so because he promised in the last episode that they would come back and they didn't. Then I just started saying that I would wait. And keep waiting even if they would never come back. And for years, they never did. Until now.

And not much has changed. It's refreshing. It really is. Sure, stuff has happened and things have changed, but listening to the show feels like meeting old friends. It feels like coming home. And that makes me happier than I could ever express in words.

The picture above is from the final episode 4 years ago. I prepared popcorn and coke, just like Tatsu said to. Out of the most random coincidences, to watch something completely different, I made popcorn and was drinking coke when I found out the show was back. The universe worked itself out pretty damn well.

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