Thursday, September 6, 2012

11→17: KIBOU

One day late. I was at my grandmother's and just passed out last night before posting anything.


Another single. If I remember correctly this is the second TOKIO Kuroneko Yamato song. I'm crediting DASH for making them look like they could be delivery men. :)

It's also classic TOKIO in its lyrics which are filled with hope (obviously) and dreams and running towards tomorrow. TOKIO does have love songs, but their songs are more about not giving up and going forward and being true to yourself and not letting what the rest of the world thinks stop you.

TOKIO songs help me get into a mindset where I may still be the underdog and I may still lose my battles and the world may still suck, but I don't feel sorry for myself and I don't make excuses.

Because of TOKIO, my ideal world still has risks and danger, but people take responsibility for their actions and mistakes. It's a world where people accept that making mistakes and learning from them takes us forward.

TOKIO will save the world. And I felt this way even before the 青春 video where they were depicted as mankind's last line of defense against the robotic apocalypse.

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