Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A lot of hair off, not much visible change

Blurry pic. Closed my eyes and moved my hand. But the result's not too bad.

Finally went to my hair stylist. First time in 6 months.

I'm growing the hair out for now, so the length is about the same. But he lightened it up for me. You should have seen the pile of hair on the floor. My head is so much lighter now. Just in time for summer.

Other awesome thing, turns out my hairstylist reads Galileo and watches the drama. We went on and on about the books vs the TV show. I know a lot of random info because I've been listening to Masha's radio show. He then decided I was far too Japanese to be a "Melinda" and has decided to call me by my middle name from now on. Not sure how I feel about that, but it was fun to talk to him in Japanese for once.

We bonded over ONE PIECE before, but now we've got Galileo. So much fun!

At the theater: Ironman 3

Got here just in time!


Completely forgot to check the weather before leaving. Meh. Hoping my little umbrella will suffice.

Today's a short work day. Then it's home to do laundry before heading out to Hama for a trim and Ironman with Samancha.

Monday, April 29, 2013

At the theater: 図書館戦争 (a few random thoughts *spoilers*)

So worth it! For as much love as I have for the anime and gratitude that it made me read the novels, which I adore and have read multiple times, this movie did the original novel more justice than the anime. Even with all the changes. As a fan of the novels, this movie was quite satisfying. But you know I'm going to point out the parts that weren't so great in a stream of consciousness at 2am.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

At the theater: 図書館戦争

Suddenly just had to watch it. So on Friday I closed a bunch of lessons and bought my ticket. Also got a pamphlet and a keyring carabiner that I couldn't resist. Will post a pic later.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Turning Pages: Characters in the Galileo series

Since I've finished book 8, I want to share some thoughts on the relationships between the three main characters.

Yukawa-Kusanagi: I love me some bromance and this is it. Showed the most in book 7 and in the TV special that had that wonderful beach volleyball scene. No question Kusanagi is taking advantage of Yukawa's insatiable curiosity, but there is also no doubt these two are good friends. They don't quite understand each other, but they have an understanding of each other, if that makes sense. Yukawa knows Kusanagi is a good cop and that his open-minded approach is the key to his success. Kusanagi knows that, despite being difficult to deal with, Yukawa is a ver good judge of character in addition to his scientific brilliance. I like these two, but I'm constantly worried that a case will cause them to part ways, which is basically what happened at the end of Suspect X. Until of course, Utsumi.

Yukawa-Utsumi: He has less of a wall with her and I think it's because she interacts with him as a person, while Kusanagi has to choose roles between friend and cop. This caused that falling out in Suspect X and then Utsumi showed up in book 4 and she became the glue that holds them together as well as the buffer that keeps them from clashing. She understands Yukawa possibly better than anyone. In the TV show, with the absence of Kusanagi, Utsumi was a mix of both roles so there was more drama. Of course, at the time of the first drama, she didn't exist in the novels, so major props to the TV staff for creating her and to Higashino Keigo for introducing her into the original novel series. Where Kusanagi will choose being a cop, Utsumi has shown she will choose standing by Yukawa.

Kusanagi-Utsumi: An awesome cop team. They work really well together. There is this beautiful trust and respect between these two that American TV probably couldn't pull off without sexual tension. He doesn't write off her opinions just because she's a rookie and female. She's comfortable with expressing her possibly crazy, but often correct theories to him. She understands Kusanagi's internal conflict when it comes to Yukawa. He accepts that Utsumi understands and can get through to his friend of over 20 years better than he can. Of course there were growing pains, but I really like how these two work together and with Yukawa.

There is also the awesome fact that their superiors pretty much order Kusanagi to get Yukawa to find a scientific explanation for seemingly paranormal activity. Typically superiors in procedurals are stuck up bureaucratic types who hate getting the opinions of non-cops and whose stubborness ultimately get in the way, so Mamiya and Tatara are quite refreshing.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Turning Pages: 禁断の魔術


Totally squeed at the end. Also wanted to scream "Please Oklahoma!" The TV drama and the original books are different creatures, but I'm still totally rooting for Yukawa and Utsumi.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vine: April 18 - TOKIO 1718 DVD

Already posted about watching the DVD, but I totally forgot to post this. Actually, this is the second Vine I recorded. I wish the first one didn't get lost in the Vine void; I recorded opening the plastic wrapper and stuff. But what's lost is lost. Still getting used to Vine and my iPad in general.

Wordless Wednesday: Nyanko-sensei and GUNDAM

November 6


From the descriptions, I wasn't sure if the DVD was stitched together from the last three days or just the last show of the tour.

It's just the last day.

It's the show I went to. I got on a 7am bus to Tokyo, went to the Budokan, experienced this awesomeness with every fiber of my being, had dinner with some fellow fangirls, hopped on a night bus back to Nagoya and got to my home station literally 24 hours after I left it.

Best 24 hours of my life.

I can't express how happy I am to have this show on DVD.

I'll try to look for myself the second time around. Right now, I'm just ecstatic knowing I was in that audience.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Watching the first episode.

Fifteen minutes in and I've already lost count of how many times I've squeed and smiled like an idiot.

Yukawa Manabu is BACK!


As badly as I want to go my grandmother's now, my 7am to 9pm work schedule plus 7am to 8:30am this morning has effectively wiped me out.

So while my laundry is in the dryer -I splurged on three cycles because I have the time- I'm taking a nap.

Heading over this evening after I recover.

Two more!

Then weekend! Well, my weekend. You know what I mean.

Rushed out of the house so quickly, I forgot to put my hair in a bun. Meh.

Work, laundry, then off to grandmother's house to bask in fandom gloriousness.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A day and a half

And then I'm off to my grandmother's. There I shall finally watch my 1718 DVD. It's been out for a week and all I've done is open the packaging and stared longingly. I want to watch it undisturbed, so the house TV isn't an option. Even at my grandmother's I'll be watching it after she goes to sleep.

And Galileo. It pains me that I can't watch it in real time. Especially now since I've been listening to Masha's radio show against my better judgement. It's on from 11:30pm to 1am Saturdays and I wake up at 6am on Sundays. But his voice is so hot, I can't resist. And he is refreshingly quite down to earth which makes him even more attractive. A few more weeks of his show and I will be joining his fanclub. His New Year's Eve concert has long been on my bucket list, so it's probably about time.

/fangirl post

Thursday, April 18, 2013

At the theater: だいじょうぶ3組

Finally watching Taichi's movie. It's going to be a tearjerker. But it's Taichi's movie and I wanted to watch it in the theater. Gotta get my towel out to wipe up the tears.

Retail Therapy: New shoes

My Crocs-flats have lost their tread completely (actually that happened last year, the major reason I slipped and took a bad fall in the rain last July) and are now extremely dangerous even on dry surfaces.

I wanted a pair of something casual that I could put on and take off easily because I change clothes at work. I liked the look of these so I got them yesterday. Trying them out today on a trip to the gym.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I want to stay home and read more about what's going on and why this happened, but I have some time before my first lesson, so I can scan the news sites. I'm sure the people in Boston want answers more than I do. The only thing I can really say right now is: everyone, stay safe.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Turning Pages: ガリレオ8 禁断の魔術

TV series is starting tonight! Going to be at work, but I'm recording it at my grandmother's.

As for the books, so far, 8 is way better than 7. Just started the third story and it's promising. I also can't wait to get to the fourth.

To work

As much as I know a slow day means less money in the bank, I want a slow day today. I want to enjoy the day.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vine: April 11 - TenHamaSen

The local train near my grandmother's house. I'll probably do a bunch of these as the weeks, months, years go by. I love this train. I especially love it in the summer. All the green surrounding the tracks is just plain beautiful.

New ticket vending machine!

And the multiple tickets last for 3 months, a full month longer. Awesome.

I kind of miss the feel of the older tickets, but the fact that the TenHama has enough cash to put in a new vending machine is quite comforting. This train is a lifeline to this community.

On a different note, COLD! felt I must have been sad that I missed it for most of the season while I was in SoCal. It's back for a few days with strong winds and a frost warning.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vine: April 10 - TOKIO tea bowl

My grandmother's been cleaning out different places in the house and brought out a huge number of tea bowls and other tea ceremony items. She showed me a few to consider for when friends come over and for me to switch bowls with the season. I really like the one with the the swirl on the inside. The colors and the pattern.

But then I picked up one with circles, that I like anyways, but then I noticed the five circles were TOKIO colors. How awesome is that? You have no idea how happy it makes me.

Wordless Wednesday: 月下美人


Movie Monthly: March 2013

Only watched one movie in the theaters this month. I'm hoping this won't be a trend. So this month's entry is a bit short. Also, my upcoming movies note system in my physical planner is working well enough that I don't need to keep them here.

Oz under the cut. Cut for spoilers. Sort of.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vine: April 9 - Tea at my grandmother's

Since the vlogging failed for reasons I can't be bothered to figure out at the moment, I'm going to try out a different "V" and go with "Vine" Let's see how this works out.

I had this awesome clip of me breaking the top of some creme brûlée and another one from the window of the local train, but Vine and Facebook don't like each other and the app froze and the clips have been lost.

My perfectionist control freak tendencies are still getting the better of me and I have this image in my mind that I want to create and it bothers me more than I can express that I can't tweak things. But I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough. Friends on Vine will just have to deal with the learning process.

And any blog followers, since I'll be posting them here too for the month. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Elevator music

I have a thing against calling my grandmother in hearing distance of work people, so I took the elevator down to the ground floor. I used the other elevator for reasons and somewhere around the 9th floor, Ponyo starts to play.

And now it's stuck in my head.

And now probably yours too.

You're welcome.

A long day ahead of me

But I have tomorrow off. Yay!

Yeah, that's all I got today.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Turning pages: 図書館戦争 11巻

Picked up the newest 図書館戦争 and almost started reading it in my downtime at work.

Then I realized it was the end of the whole Ibaraki thing and I want to enjoy that at my own pace. Emotional moments and 萌 moments all rolled into one. Plus the chapter mini-manga with Iku as Snow White almost had me burst out laughing. Yeah, gotta go home for this one.

Vlog fail

Finally went online to check the vlogs only to find an error. *sigh*

So much for VEDA.

I might switch over to try a VALA and change it to Vine A Lot in April. But with a wifi only iPad, it requires a bit of logistics. :)

Won't know until I try, right?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3 Vlog No.2: Sakura along the Tempaku River

With the wind and rain and considering the timing, I figured I should take in the sakura when I can.

I'm lucky enough to live near a stretch of the Tempaku River lined with cherry blossom trees. And it's minor enough that people don't crowd here for hanami.

Took some nice pictures, paid respects to my favorite tree, and successfully caught a petal as it fell, so I'm good for this year.

Vlog: April 3

In and out of the dentist under 30 minutes with a filling, minimal pain, and only about 1000yen poorer.

Looks like I've found a keeper. Sweet.

Wordless Wednesday: Princess Parfait

Snowee's Princess Parfait

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


That was, to quote Richard Castle, an epic 100th episode. So much fun. So Castle. Obvious and yet still highly entertaining.

Now I'm heading out for I think the night. Decided to wear my gunslinger coat while the weather still allows it.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Such a dangerous mix...

Mel + Coffee(Komeda) + Loft(Stationery floor) + 4 hours until my next lesson

I keep taking things off the shelves, walking around, then putting them back on the shelf.



It's April, so I'm going to attempt to Vlog Every Day in April.

There are some gorgeous sakura near the house, but to see them, I have to take the long way to the station. As a result, I missed my usual train.

No worries today, I have a later start than usual. And I'm hoping for a shorter day as well. And tomorrow I'm off, so I'm all sorts of happy right now.