Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back in Nagoya

Eiga-mura was fun!

I say this, of course, as a person who grew up watching Japanese period dramas and I went with the person who exposed me to them and still watches them.

So for us, a lot of the buildings and streets are quite familiar and it was cool to get a behind the scenes look.

And with it being a weekday and all, the crowds were small. I ended up getting "saved" by the samurai who was "passing by" during the sword fight show, being the "a member of the audience" in the street performer show, and getting to start a fire with a flint in the Everyday Edo Life lecture.

Pretty damn cool actually.

Also, my mom bought us matching umbrellas to ward off the heat, so that probably helped me stand out in the crowd.

Can't complain, though.

More on the more serious reason for my Kyoto trip later.

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