Friday, June 7, 2013

I think I figured it out

The tweak in my work schedule I've been wanting.

Friday mornings. If I get rid of them, I can come back from my grandmother's on Thursday evening, climb, and recover/make breakfast and food for the week/get stuff done in the morning.

That's the theory anyways. Means less possible income, but I don't get too many on Friday mornings anyways.

I should put my new problem-solving skills (will post book info later) to the test and analyze this possibility. But my gut instinct is saying Yes. I just happened to have my first lesson at 8:30 and even just that let me climb without being worried about this morning. I like having that peace of mind. Which also tells me quitting the regular gym and climbing was the right choice. I would never change my schedule to go to the gym, but to climb, yes, I find a way.

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