Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Thursday and I'm going to work

Training workshop. But I get out at a decent hour so I'm bringing my climbing shoes and a much more casual set of clothes. I'm going to try getting an hour in and then head back to the house.

Totally different topic, but wearing what I am now, I realize I finally need to dish out some cash and get some more early-30s appropriate work clothes and figure out make-up and such. Maybe when I get back from London. Make-up maybe before London. Never know, the guy of my dreams might be waiting for me. Granted the guy of my dreams wouldn't care that much about my appearance, but I need to catch his attention, right?

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to London? In less than three months. It's pretty much my first real trip overseas. Whee!


  1. Woo~ London! We could go shopping (clothes/make-up) while you're here if you like?

    1. Totally late reply. Sorry Cat!

      I would love to do some shopping. Don't know if I can spend a lot, but window shopping is always fun. :)