Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not too shabby

A lot of possibly not so great things coming up including figuring out insurance premium that tripled, a laptop that might be on it's last legs, a cell phone going wonky, an MP3 player that kinda sorta just blanked for one night, and a lot of psychological blah that I won't bore you with.

That being said, I'm climbing again (possibly twice this coming week), I might have a solution to my work schedule killing me slowly, I have a steady income, work makes sense, my mom's coming to Japan in two weeks, Restaurant Week is coming up, I'm going to London in three months, the first two years of Gintama showed up on the Bandai Channel's all-you-can-watch list, and the people around me are generally healthy. Oh! And it's Saturday, which means Masha tonight!

Quoting Firefly is never a sign of life being great, but

I'm still flying. It isn't much. But it's enough.

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