Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's raining, it's pouring

I got off at my home station and started to walk up the stairs to the surface, when I noticed a lot of people just waiting around. Took me a second to realize that buckets were coming down outside. Just this morning, I took my parasol with me to ward off the blaring sun.

Now, I could have waited for the rain to ease up, but did I? Of course not. 

My bag had just enough give to cover everything inside and my parasol would cover my head and bag for the walk up the hill. The rest of me, of course, well, drenched doesn't even begin to describe it. My bottom half looked like I forged a river. In fact, I literally almost lost my shoe at the last intersection.

Lightning flashed five times on my way up and there were only four to five seconds until the thunder followed.

This was, as I suspected, a flash storm -Japan's been getting a lot recently- and as I write this post, the rain has already died down. Had I waited ten minutes or so, I would not have had to wring my skirt out at the front door. But it's not every day you get to tread through a mini-river to get home and know you'll still be in a good mood when you get to your doorstep. I was laughing all the way up the hill.

It might have had to do with the fact that I just bought the second Percy Jackson book and I was imagining the wrath of Zeus. 

Oh, the little things that keep my world a happy and amusing one. 

If it was still raining, I'd don my rain boots and poncho and venture back outside, but I'm now dry and in my PJs with two new books to read, which I protected from the deluge. So I'm going to curl up in my bed and give in to my guilty pleasure of ignoring everything else I need to do and just read.


  1. Weather has been crazy here too. Beginning of summer was thunderstorms every day, and then we had a heat wave. Then it was nice for about two days before we had another heat wave that lasted an entire week. And now? It's cool and rainy. blah.


    1. Pouring rain some days, then blazing hot with humidity. Today seemed to have been humidity, then sudden rain, the fluffy clouds, then thunder and lightning. So weird.