Sunday, August 11, 2013

Feeling empty handed

As mentioned in the previous post, I finished my book and while have the next three Percy Jacksons waiting for me, I'm still in the Ghosthunt world. Not obsessed enough to get it today, but book 3 is definitely going to be my London book. The Kasai Panic.

So, back to the title, I don't have a book with me today.

I also left my music player and my new notebook. Sure, it's a lot of stuff to carry when all I'm doing is going to work, but the 30 minute commute can be much shorter when there are things to keep me busy. Of course, I could just blog like this and I have my iPad as well.

But there's something about not having a book to escape into that makes me feel empty handed. I want to see something beyond this world right now.

Mmm, books.

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