Friday, August 9, 2013

Retail Therapy: MINE AT LAST!!

I promised myself I wouldn't buy a new notebook until I wrote on every page of my current notebook. My fingers have been itching for weeks and I was determined to get to the last page during my days off so I could buy this today.

And I did. And now IT'S MINE!

That being said, I still have a few pages that can be filled in my old oneand I want a bit of a game plan for this notebook, so I'll probably wait a bit before I start this one. (And by that, I mean tonight. Tomorrow, max.)

I've decided to combine my notebook and schedule and am currently trying to figure out the best way to go about it.

Probably going to get the sticky calendars and keep them in the clear pockets in the back, attching them when I get to that month. Hmm, sounds like a plan.

Now to figure out the rest. I've got a general idea, just need to pan it out and test it. I've come to accept that I will never find *the* perfect way to keep my schedule and notes because my lifestyle and work keep changing and more importantly, I get bored really easily. Change is good, right?

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