Monday, September 30, 2013

Three more Mondays

Or more importantly, three more Tuesday mornings. I might still do two Monday mornings for the sake of one of my clients. But for the most part, I just need to survive a few more of these. And today is a "No more mornings!" day. I'm pretty sure it's because of the tea and caffeine. Wired and tired at the same time.

I'll get through it. Just not gracefully. More caffeine should do the trick.

And now, to get in some Ghosthunt pages.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dining Out and Turning Pages: Soup Stock and Ghosthunt

My reading habits being the way they are, I make a point to not read when I'm home or I risk staying awake til dawn completely immersed in the world of my book.

This being the case, my reading is limited to my commute, breaks, and restaurants. Combined with my general love of Soup Stock and need for food after a weekend shift, 4 books in, reading Ghosthunt as I enjoy some delicious soup has become a habit.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Turning Pages: Ghosthunt 4 死霊遊戯

Finally! Yasuhara-kun! Love this character. Total awesomeness. The one character with no powers, yet the one who probably contributes the most. The best with dealing with people and getting people to work for him. And a sweetheart. Seemingly. But also the one you don't make an enemy of. Things go so much more smoothly with Yasuhara-kun around. Which is good because things get much more dangerous from here on out.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Confessions of a Stationery Addict: Planners and Schedule Books

Starting a new category of blog posts dedicated to proving just how bad my addiction is and show off some of the awesome stationery that exists in this country.

First off: Planners

You know you have a problem when you go to a stationery store and spend half an hour flipping through planners when you already created a system for next year that you are completely satisfied with. I've done this three times in the past two weeks.

I could say I was looking for inspiration and additional ideas, but let's be honest, I just wanted to look.

I'll introduce my system another time. :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

At the theater: そして父になる-After thoughts

That was a lot of sniffling from the audience. Including myself. It was good. A quiet movie.

In a way, it was a decidedly "Japanese" movie. If there were an American remake, there would be more hugging and crying. Though I wonder what usually happens in America when parents find out their children have been switched at birth years after the fact. I was shocked to hear they just switch them back in Japan (according to the movie anyways). More nature than nurture. Hrm. Though this is the main question of the movie.

Oh, and the kid who plays Keita was adorable. We're not talking typical cute levels here. This was fluffy-baby-bunny adorable.

Also, Masha was hot. But that's a given, right? :)

At the theater: そして父になる

Awesome thing about living in a big city: watching movies before they are officially out.

Masha! Ready for some Masha goodness.

Turning Pages: Ghosthunt 3 and Coffee

Note to self: Never read Ghosthunt when pumped up on caffeine again. Especially the scary part. So freaked out right now.

Eating out: Hoshino Coffee

Finished work and realized Masha's Like Father Like Son is showing a week early, so I dropped by the theater and got a ticket for the 8:30pm show. With nothing else to do, I went back to Sakae and decided to check out a new coffee shop that always had a long line outside. Never lined up before, but today I have loads of time.

At the morning to lunch turnover time, I got in after 5 minutes.

I like the feel of the place. Will be chilling here for a bit. I have a book that's almost finished and an iPad. Muwahaha.

2-year limit?

I'm starting to wonder if my attention span is limited to two years. As much as I love a sunrise, I think I've had my fill of sunrises on the way to work. While I had my days of dreading work in the morning, I'm starting to feel it on a grander scale.

Time for a change.

This 2-year limit might pose lots of problems, but first, I need to get through today.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Turning Pages: Ghosthunt 3

Nevermind, I lied. The reason I don't write during my breaks is because Ghosthunt is getting good and I'm always itching to get a few more pages in. So good!!

So many posts, so little time

I'd like to blame work, but it's lack of motivation on my part. Maybe later today. Or on my days off starting tomorrow. get the picture. Off to work!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Waking up early isn't bad if it's for the right reasons.

Turns out work isn't one of them.

But climbing the stairs at my local park might just well be.

I'm decidedly out-of-shape, both physically and appearance-wise. Gyms don't work because of the effort to actually go and the "I paid for it so I need to get my money's worth" incentive doesn't seem to work for me. Also, there are no 24 hour gyms around me so it just never fit my schedule.

Well, almost everything didn't fit my schedule which is why I'm now quite sure I need to change it.

-a few hours later-

And now that I got to spend a relaxing 3 hours to get ready to leave the house and go to Komeda for an hour before going in to work an hour and a half before my first lesson, if it books.

I like this lifestyle. I really do. I feel so happy and relaxed and energized and satisfied.

It's what I need: Time and space so I can breathe before I figure out what I want. Or at least which way to start walking.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fancy train

I know I've taken a train at this time before, but it's never been such a nice train. This should happen more often.

To morning or not morning

While I love the feel of morning air, I'm starting to want to enjoy it rather than experience it on my morning walk to the station. I want to take a walk, make breakfast, enjoy my coffee or tea while I sort out my day, do some chores and run some errands, maybe even pack a dinner, *then* go to work.

Even though I only got a total of 4 hours of sleep and I feel fine right now, the crash that will inevitably follow always sucks and I have to stop doing that to myself.

Time for a change and to find a healthier rhythm.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Headed to work

But only 3 lessons at the moment and seriously considering closing the rest. It's just one of those days. And I admit I'm influenced by all of my friends in Japan being happy about having this typhoon day off thanks to a national holiday.

The typhoon's already passed so I opted to wear the rain shoes I bought for London but didn't have a chance to wear. One step up from jelly shoes. Check out the dots! :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Turning pages: 図書館戦争 12巻

Fangirl shipping heaven.

Having read the original novels multiple times, I already know what will happen. I'm here for the presentation of the squee-worthy content and Yumi-sensei has done it again. I can't even begin to write about what happened for fear of subjecting you to senseless babble (not that I don't already do that).

I'm reading it again when I get back from work.

Typhoon is on its way

Looks like we're not getting away from this one...Tomorrow and Monday look the worst.

Friday, September 13, 2013

First day back at work

Strangely business as usual. I guess that's a good thing.

The jet lag seems to have worn off. Pretty nifty.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

37? Really?

Maybe it was a bad idea to download an app that tells the "feels like" temperature. Downright depressing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At the theater: World War Z - After thoughts

On my way back to the house.

The movie was better than I expected. It paused for some classic "boo!" moments, while keeping a generally good pace and keeping the audience in the same state of confusion as the main character, which works in this movie. A bit predictable, but what zombie movie isn't?

I do like how it didn't bite off more than it can chew (no pun intended), though I pray that Hollywood doesn't take that as a cue to make this into a series (if they haven't already).

All in all, worth taking a detour to watch.

At the theater: World War Z

Instead of going straight home after my grandmother's, I decided to drop by the theater and watch a movie.

More people here than I expected, but I should do this more often. Weekday late show. Yay movies!

Fangirl SPAZ-Part 2

Taichi's in London for one of my favorite shows. He walks around different cities in Japan. The show decided to go overseas.

Which means he's walking around the streets of London. Eating and drinking and talking to random people. Still jealous of everyone who gets to just run into him.


Yeah, still bitter.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fangirl SPAZ

Taichi left for London today. WTF.

Couldn't it have been a week earlier? Not that I would have known since I didn't check his blog while I was gone, but still!!

London! Of all the cities in the world, he had to go to London right after I get back.

I know, the odds are totally against actually bumping into him, but still!!

I don't quite know how to describe this feeling.


I'm sure you'll see me spaz again when whatever he's doing in London airs on TV.

Retail therapy + Gusto

Finished up stuff at work and wandered over to Loft until closing time. Checked out the planners that are coming out and picked up sticker calendars for next year to put into my notebook.

Dropped into Gusto for a late dinner and to take advantage of the free refills while I worked on some sketches. The waitress seated me conveniently next to the drink bar. Score! I might just stay until closing.

Headed to work, sort of

Have to drop off some paperwork and submit my schedule for next month.

I stayed indoors all day thanks to my adjustment to London definitions of "hot" and jetlag. It's too damn humid to go outside if I don't have to.

My workplace is open until late tonight so I'm taking advantage of that. I have three more days to readjust to Japan before going back to work.

But then I'm going back to SoCal for 10 days in a month.

My brain is all jumbled up until November when I finally have my first normal month of work since...May? It's been a hell of a year and there's still a quarter of it left.

But first, to take care of today's to-do list.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

At the theater: Raiders of the Lost Ark - After thoughts

Pretty damn cool. I've seen this movie more times than I can count and it's still awesome. And on the big screen? Wow. So much fun.

I have to catch more of these. Let's see: 2001 Space Odessey, Gone with the Wind, Roman Holiday, Pretty Woman, West Side Story, Lawrence of Arabia, and Ben Hur.

Some of those choices are simply for the sake of seeing it on the big screen.

Hama has a different schedule, so there's also: Mary Poppins, Casablanca, Rocky, and Godfather 1 and 2.

Normally these movies are at 10am and I may have to go with that next time. TOHO Baycity is a short but secluded walk from the station and not too smart to walk alone at night. Yep, not doing that again.

But movies, hell yes. Personal favorite way to escape reality.

At the theater: Raiders of the Lost Ark

No one else here! Theater all to myself.

Ooh, the next blast from the past is Back to the Future III.

Damn, someone came in. Oh well. :)

Time to see Dr. Jones. :D

Unproductive day ending with Raiders of the Lost Ark

This morning I rolled around in bed until I felt like checking the time. When I finally did, it was 11am. I immediately decided this was a sign to sleep some more and didn't get out of bed until well into the early evening.

Needing to actually do something with my day, I finally unpacked my bags and balanced my checkbook. My pounds, euros, and yen were delightfully all correct. Then as I started to fill in my new notebook, I realized should watch Raiders of the Lost Ark before I start up work again. I looked up the times and found I could make the 20:30 show tonight so I threw on some clothes, ran out the door, and bought a ticket on the train.

Whee! Impulse movie watching!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

#MelDoesLondon2013 - Back in Japan and blogging as I make my way to the exit

Touched down and currently getting off the plane. Another two hours or so to go, but the long part is over.

Funny thing, I left Gate 11 at Heathrow and arrived at Gate 11 at Centrair.

Didn't sleep much. They had TailSpin and Duck Tales. Also watched Two Weeks Notice, Knight and Day, 30Rock and other stuff. Sleeping like a rock when I get to my room.

Just blew through Immigration and now to wait for my suitcase.

The weather is looking like not torrential downpour, so that's a plus as well.

Friday, September 6, 2013

#MelDoesLondon2013 - Boarding the plane back to Japan

See you on the flip side. :)

#MelDoesLondon2013 - Helsinki Airport, again

First of all, London was awesome. I didn't get the chance to post on the actual blog, butI gotsome choice shots up on Instagram, so some of you may have seen what I was up to. 

Cat and Jacob were lovely hosts and Cat planned a great week filled with London goodness that left me determined to go back soon (which I'm sure is all part of her plan). I have a few days off before going back to work, so I will try to write up some posts and upload some pictures and sketches. 

But first, I need to get back to Nagoya.

A smooth flight from Heathrow to Helsinki. And while the bus shuttle from the plane to the terminal was awkward, nothing serious. And I didn't have to go through security again, meaning I got to keep the 1 liter bottle of water with me. Score!

Seriously, Helsinki is damn expensive. €2.50 for 500ml of water at the vending machines. There's a special at the store I'm in front of: 2 500ml bottles for €3.60. If I can't find a drinking fountain, that may be my only choice. Grr. I have a nagging feeling alcohol is cheaper.

Aside from my only slightly over-exaggerated water woes, I'm good.

Now to check how many euros I have left over from last time so I can stock up on my water supply.