Friday, September 6, 2013

#MelDoesLondon2013 - Helsinki Airport, again

First of all, London was awesome. I didn't get the chance to post on the actual blog, butI gotsome choice shots up on Instagram, so some of you may have seen what I was up to. 

Cat and Jacob were lovely hosts and Cat planned a great week filled with London goodness that left me determined to go back soon (which I'm sure is all part of her plan). I have a few days off before going back to work, so I will try to write up some posts and upload some pictures and sketches. 

But first, I need to get back to Nagoya.

A smooth flight from Heathrow to Helsinki. And while the bus shuttle from the plane to the terminal was awkward, nothing serious. And I didn't have to go through security again, meaning I got to keep the 1 liter bottle of water with me. Score!

Seriously, Helsinki is damn expensive. €2.50 for 500ml of water at the vending machines. There's a special at the store I'm in front of: 2 500ml bottles for €3.60. If I can't find a drinking fountain, that may be my only choice. Grr. I have a nagging feeling alcohol is cheaper.

Aside from my only slightly over-exaggerated water woes, I'm good.

Now to check how many euros I have left over from last time so I can stock up on my water supply.

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