Friday, September 20, 2013

Waking up early isn't bad if it's for the right reasons.

Turns out work isn't one of them.

But climbing the stairs at my local park might just well be.

I'm decidedly out-of-shape, both physically and appearance-wise. Gyms don't work because of the effort to actually go and the "I paid for it so I need to get my money's worth" incentive doesn't seem to work for me. Also, there are no 24 hour gyms around me so it just never fit my schedule.

Well, almost everything didn't fit my schedule which is why I'm now quite sure I need to change it.

-a few hours later-

And now that I got to spend a relaxing 3 hours to get ready to leave the house and go to Komeda for an hour before going in to work an hour and a half before my first lesson, if it books.

I like this lifestyle. I really do. I feel so happy and relaxed and energized and satisfied.

It's what I need: Time and space so I can breathe before I figure out what I want. Or at least which way to start walking.

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