Friday, October 25, 2013

Headed home early! To make soup! Look! Cilantro!

The fates have taken pity and bestowed on me a schedule I could worm my way out of to go home early. Which is, to be honest, for everyone's benefit. I'm loopy from the cold and the drugs and barely writing legibly. Not to mention the coughing.

So it's back home to make chicken soup, courtesy of a kind friend who sent me a recipe. And I dropped by the fancy grocery store near work and they had cilantro! Yay! The Japanese tend to dislike the herb so it's a bit hard to find in regular grocery stores. One major thing I miss about living in SoCal.

Anyways, I'm obviously well enough to be blogging and making soup but sick enough to be struggling at work and really wanting that soup, so hopefully chicken soup and a good night's sleep will fix things up.

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