Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fangirl TV moment: The awesome food brain of Nagano Hiroshi

So I caught V6's show (yes, they're still on TV) and Nagano Hiroshi was on and there was this little part that mentioned that beef was the prize of a certain contest and they showed the cow and the beef and out of pure reflex this beautiful man, who can identify the ingredients of ramen noodles just by eating one noodle and visited over 800 restaurants last year (700 of them for the first time) and gives yakiniku restaurant advice based on what cut of meat you most want to eat, this man saw the cow and the meat and automatically said "Ooh, Hida-gyu. Wait, is this going to be a question?"

It was a question. And of course it was Hida-gyu.

I really do love this man. His very existence makes me happy.

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