Saturday, November 9, 2013

開き直り hirakinaori

According to my dictionary, the English equivalent is "to have a so-what attitude". It also implies first being negatively affected by a situation and/or being in the wrong, but eventually reaching that rather positive state of mind, regardless of what others think. It may be more accurate to say it's when you reach the point when you say "Screw this, I'm just going to do what works for me."

It always takes me a while to reach this point. But when it comes to work, I'm just going to speak Japanese when it works. Not in lessons obviously, but I've finally grasped the fact that image of an instructor that I keep in my mind doesn't really exist. Besides, I would never fit even if it did.

Nevermind why I got that thought in my head. It's been a burden. An unnecessary one. So it's time to let go, put my values and well-being first and see what happens.

Oh, and the pic is my London Christmas owl. He doesn't have a name yet. Any suggestions? He's from Fortnum and Mason.

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