Friday, November 8, 2013

Itadakimasu: Nagoya Lunch Passport

If you follow my Instagram, you've probably noticed I've been sketching my lunch for the past few weeks and mentioning a "Nagoya Lunch Passport". It's sold in bookstores for ¥980 and basically, you show it at any of the 72 participating restaurants during the valid period to get lunch for ¥500. The original prices range from ¥700 to ¥1050. So by simple calculation, if you get five lunches, you have definitely gotten your money's worth. 

The first and third lunches I had were originally ¥750 and the second was ¥1000 so I got my money's worth with three lunches. I'm currently up to lunch number nine. Some hits, some misses, but it's a great reason to check out new restaurants. Plus it's become the perfect subject to practice my new sketching hobby.

I have plans to go to at least one more restaurant before the passport expires at the end of the month and with my new work schedule, I'm planning to get a few more in before my night shift on the weekdays.

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