Saturday, November 16, 2013

石の上にも三年 #MelSketch100

I'm currently doing daily sketches and recording them on Vine. Just started, but the goal is 100. 

As I mentioned before, I fell for Hobonichi's marketing in Loft and purchased a Hobonichi Planner for 2014, despite having not used 2013's since early January. The marketing simply consisted of a big TV showing Hobonochi planner users filling their pages with wonderous things. 

Something about that just made me feel like I would do the same and the results would be just as cool even though I know these featured users are professional creators of one sort or another. I decided I would use it to sketch. I want to be able to sketch with less hesitation and less reliance on reference photos.

Then I remembered new site ( where users could record ten seconds of something they are working on for 100 days. This is so they can see their progress as time passes. As much as I wanted to use this site, and as much as it made a great first impression on me, it didn't feel like the right platform for sketching. The main reason I knew it wouldn't work is that I knew it would have to involve editing, which would take forever and I'm worried about being to even sketch each day. Nope, too much trouble. Maybe for a different project.

And of course there is the obvious fact that a sketch each day is a record in and of itself, but I like sharing online. 

That's when I turned to Vine. I already use it and I've been wanting to get better at it. Plus with Vine running, it's just too much trouble to switch back and forth to use reference photos. So here was a good opportunity to kill three birds with one stone. 

Each evening, I sketch something from that day - looking at my track record, there's a good chance it's food - and I sketch purely from memory. I admit, some days I added details afterwards, but it's a learning process and I'm only a week in. I'm testing out angles and sketching techniques, if you can call them that. Still getting used to what I take and how it translates into a Vine, but I'm liking it so far. Let's see if I get to 100. 

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