Sunday, November 10, 2013

Obsessive Stationery Disorder: Purse Pen Case

I've decided to change the stationery post name to "Obsessive Stationery Disorder" because this is more than an addiction. Seriously, you have no idea how long it took me to take the picture below so it would showcase these pens in a beautiful way. My love for pens and paper and nifty stationery gadgets is a condition. Anyways...

These are the pens and such that I carry with me in my purse. Some are for writing in my planner, others are for writing letters. Some are for sketching, while yet others are for writing in my planner. I keep the main pen I use for writing (Zebra Sarasa 0.5 Black) in the front pocket of my purse, so it is actually not in here.

In this checkered bag from MUJI is (counter-clockwise from the bag):
  • Pilot HI-TEC-C Slim Knock 04; red
  • Pilot Frixion Ball Slim 038; purple, pink, apricot orange, light green, green, light blue
  • PLUS Whisper Petit 5 correction tape
  • Kuretake Zig Letter Pen Cocoiro; Extra Fine; black (w/ refill)
  • Platinum Preppy fountain pen; black (w/ refill)
  • Pentel Kirari brush pen; black (w/ refill) 
  • Sakura My Name permanent marker; Extra Fine; black
  • Tombow Kieiro Pit XS glue stick
  • Shachihata Petit Shuniku
  • Inkan and case
  • Mitsubishi Uni Shalaku mechanical pencil; 0.5
  • Pentel Ain mechanical pencil lead; 0.5; HB
  • Tombow MONO Smart eraser
  • Tombow 8900 pencil HB
  • Mitsubishi Uni Palette pencil sharpener
  • Paper clips
I was going to add notes for each item until I realized just how long this post would be. At which point I decided simple is best.

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