Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obsessive Stationery Disorder: Saturday's Haul

So, I took a long lunch on Saturday and dropped by Loft and ended picking up the 2014 Hobonichi, which I wasn't really planning to. I haven't used this year's at all... But in determination to continue my sketching habit, I figured it would be my practice log/sketch diary.

I also couldn't resist getting a small Tombow Mono eraser. The packaging is limited edition and it's cute! I'm a bit of a sucker. Okay, fine. Total sucker. I've been listening to the backlogs of the Pen Addict podcast and my stationery problem has gotten worse. Want. More. Pens.

Then I dropped by the Olympia+ and picked up some work pens stuff and another Sarasa 0.5 Black. They were having a campaign and I won a cookie. Yay.

Good stuff.

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