Friday, November 15, 2013

Turning Pages: Ghosthunt 5 鮮血の迷宮

This is probably the best of the series. The most orthodox "ghosthunt". And probably the scariest, though I seem to have grown a thick skin; it wasn't as scary as I was bracing myself for.

Don't get me wrong; I probably had the look of pure horror on my face as I read 麻衣ちゃん's dream and the final encounter with Urado - which is probably why I shouldn't read these in public. But this book is the basis of the manga the scared me so badly that I literally screamed out loud and threw the book across the room - thank god I didn't do that in public (then again, I wasn't drinking coffee). I suppose my imagination refused to go deeper.

Near the middle of the book, I slowed down because after this is the beginning of the end. Only two books left. They're still good and scary in their own rights but I really feel the story of the SPR gang reach a climax with this book. Six and seven are more about ナル and his true identity. And the end of the Ghosthunt series.

There is, however, the comfort of knowing the truest scariest book 悪夢の住む家 follows and suggests the adventures of the SPR gang continue.

Such an awesome series.

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