Tuesday, December 24, 2013

At the Theater: かぐや姫の物語-After thoughts


Wow. That was good.

I liked the style and the look. It also really struck a cord with me on multiple levels, which left me in tears as usual.

Massive props to the voice of Sutemaru. There was one point which just totally messed with my brain. It was like he was was holding his breath for years and suddenly let go and what that meant and how that made this story that much more bittersweet. It was the love story that never happened. In the hands of anyone else, it would have gone that way. He would have fought for her. And she for him. But they went their separate ways. And if he did fight for her, I would give him credit for his love, but he'd be an ass for leaving his wife and kid. ...I'll stop here. Simply put, I like how it wasn't happily ever after, which is how this story should be.

Speaking of which, one thing that made me sad for different reasons was that judging from chatter after the movie, parts of it seem to have gone over the some of the audience's heads. It's Kaguya-Hime; of course she's from the moon and has to go back. That's like asking why Cinderella has to leave before midnight. It's how the story goes.

Anyways, there was an awesome character that I fell in love with. She's just so cute. And they had a charm at the shop, so I got it. Will open it later. Wonder which one I got. Any one would be welcome.

Okay, I'll stop here.
Still have a post-movie buzz. It's a good sign.

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