Monday, December 2, 2013

Nagoya Lunch Passport: Part 1 - Lunches 1-6

So in January I found this Nagoya Lunch Passport in the bookstore. It cost 980 yen, but with all the lunches going from 700 to 1050 yen down to 500 yen, if I went to 5 restaurants, I'd make up for the cash. 5 restaurants in about 2 months sounded doable. And I liked having the excuse of going to new restaurants. In the end, it took only 3 lunches to save the 980 yen. Continuing my quest to sketch, I decided to sketch a page for each of the lunches. 

Now that November is over and my Nagoya Lunch Passport has expired. I thought I'd post some comments and the photos of my sketches from this little adventure. It's been fun. I hope they do it again. I'm splitting the 12 lunches over two posts. Under the cut are lunches 1 through 6 and 7 through 12 will be up on Friday.

Lunch #1 - Daily Lunch Special @ 茗菜縁 Meisaien 
A cute little Chinese place near Hisaya-odori Station. The daily lunch was stir-fried vegetables, which was mainly bean sprouts, but they were yummy bean sprouts, so I have no qualms. It was a good amount of food even for the regular 750 yen. The tea on the table also made me really happy. 

Lunch #2 - Shark Fin Ramen @ 竜竹 Dragon Bamboo
This restaurant is part of a chain which includes my favorite tan-tan men place. The service was really good and the food was pretty decent, though there was a bit of false advertising. The picture in the guidebook was a complete shark fin, while what came out was pieces of shark fin. The best part was the almond tofu that I really like. Love the cute bowl it comes in. For 1000 yen, it's a bit steep, but that's what the Lunch Passport was for. I might go back to try some of the other lunch specials.

Lunch #3 - Daily Special @ Flat Cafe
This place was right next to work. I thought the serving size was a bit small, but it turned out to be just right. I had the 4 mushroom omu-rice with demi-glace. They have a daily pasta, omurice, pizza, curry, and rice bowl. Service was average. Overall, it was pretty good and it's close enough to work that I might drop by once in a while. Also, a note on the sketch, I purchased a fine tip pen while I was working on this sketch, so the lines from here on out are thinner.

Lunch #4 - Spinach cream sauce spaghetti (A-type) @ パスタひろば Pasta Hiroba
It was good and I liked it. It really tasted like the spinach cream pasta I make for myself. While I was there, a couple of regulars came in and I can understand why. The service was good and I liked the feel of the place. But for the regular 980 yen price tag...unfortunately, I don't think I'll be going back. 

Lunch #5 - Tan-tan men @ あかさたな (Akasatana)
I pass by this place a lot because it's across the way from CoCoIchi. And when I'm in the area before 11am, it makes more sense to go for curry. But I gave this one a try and I rather like the flat noodles. The tan-tan men was good, but it's going to take a lot to win me away from my favorite place. That being said, I might drop by for some of their regular ramen and try the gyoza as well.

Lunch #6 -Kuro Ton Ramen with Egg @ 黒兵衛 Kurobee
You really can't miss the giant red sign in front, which inspired me to try my hand at perspective. I have a fear of drawing perspective. But after this, it's not too bad. As for the ramen, it was pretty good. I was not really impressed, but everything tasted pretty good. Unfortunately, I went there just when it opened and there was no one else and it just felt awkward. The ladies' ice cream service was a nice surprise, but I don't think I'll be going back soon.

And that's it for today. I'll post the second half on Friday.

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