Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obsessive Stationery Disorder: Work Pen Case #1

My work pen case at one of my workplaces. I'm only there on the weekends so when I'm not there on the weekdays, I pack them up in the pen case and put them in my locker so they won't bother whoever uses that desk during the week (also to prevent anyone from using my pens). 

If you know pens, you'll notice all of the pens in the cup and the highlighters on the side are Pilot Frixions. At my English school, the instructors write the notes for the students. I have horrendous writing and make a huge number of mistakes, so the Frixions are perfect for the job. As for the sheer number of colors, I am an extremely visual human being so when I write notes, my eyes get lost in notes that are only in black. Plus I like making it as easy as possible for my students to review at home. The effort has paid off and I've received compliments on how I write my notes despite my pathetic handwriting. 

The masking tape in the middle of the cup is to separate the colors which have a specific meaning and the ones that are used to mark important points. I used to keep them all on the desk, but occasionally it would lead to a bit of a mess, so I brought in a cup I bought at a 100 yen shop. The pen breakdown goes something like this:

Always on the desk:
  • Black 0.7 for the basic notes.
  • Blue 0.5 for notes on the notes.
On the left side of the cup:
  • Light Green 0.7 to underline and indicate new words and phrases.
  • Green 0.7 to write definitions.
  • Purple 0.7 to write pronunciations in my own make shift notation.
On the right side of the cup:
  • Pink, Light Blue, and Orange 0.7 to mark grammatical patterns.
  • Red 0.5 to mark mistakes.

I erase so often that I also get a lot of use out of the Frixion eraser. The Frixion highlighters are for my students to mark words and phrases they particularly want to remember from my sea of notes. 

Not pictured are the refills, of which there are many. One of each of the colors and about three of the Black 0.7. I go through about one a week. It's gotten to the point where I can tell when the ink is about the run out and replace the refill without missing a beat in my lesson.

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