Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Obsessive Stationery Disorder: Yesterday's Haul

Dropped by the stationery store during my break at work and picked up some stuff. Mainly for my new Notebook (yes, with a capital N).

Still working on moving over from one Notebook to the next and literally losing sleep over it as I mull over something that I'm destined to  in its 3 month lifespan.

I'll try to post about it one of these days, but I'm finding difficulty explaining this all-in-one notebook/planner/journal/sketchbook thing that I've put together for myself. I love it. I really do. It makes me happy and the second incarnation is nice. I've read about people doing something quite similar and they all seem to enjoy this organic evolution that I'm in love with as well. I'll link to those blogs when I get around to writing about my personal experience. Whenever that will be.

This process also makes shopping at the stationery store even more fun as I'm always looking for things that will make this Notebook even more awesome and perfect for me in my situation at that time. Yeah...

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