Monday, December 16, 2013

Yokohama/Tokyo Dec 2013: Part 3 - Tokyo Metropolitan Photography Mseum

After sleeping in through what I found out later was a torrential downpour Tuesday morning, we headed out to the Tokyo Metropolitan Photography Muesum at my request.

I love this museum. It's a tiny thing near Ebisu station (where you can see the location they used for that famous scene in Hana Yori Dango). I love seeing the different things that people did and do with photography. Things that I never thought of doing. Even if it's not really my kind of photography, I love seeing it.

This time around, each exhibition was different from the other, but I enjoyed them all.

Ueda Shoji & Jacques Henri Lartigue: Play with Photography
The juxtaposition of the two photographers from the same period but culturally different backgrounds was an interesting way to look at photography as it began to reach the masses. It also proved that people took pictures of their cats jumping mid-air even in the early 1900s.

every stroller can change the world.: Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.12
This was a collection of work by a number of up and coming Japanese photographers. They each had a unique view and a clear style, which was refreshing to see. I guess with photography becoming so accessible, I feel like I've seen everything a million times, but some of these were a nice shock to the system.

Takatani Shiro: Camera Lucida
This photographer mixes photo and video media and I was quite mesmerized by two of his works. One was a 360 degree view of the sky from dawn to dusk. My love for sunrises, sunsets, clouds, and the sky in general was quite satisfied by this one. The other work, I will never be able to fully describe sufficiently, so I'm just going to say that it involved eight plasma TVs, lines of color morphing into video which transformed to a collective still photograph of sorts.

It had been a while since I last went and it was good to take in the atmosphere of this museum. I really want to go back again next year for some more. 

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