Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yokohama/Tokyo Dec 2013: Part 4 - Johnny's Family Club

I already saw them on their keitai site, but I couldn't resist dropping by JFC in Shibuya to see the Christmas/New Year messages from my five favorite guys in person.

There was a cute display outside with the names of the core groups and some of the solos. I was slightly sad Toma's name wasn't there, but his fans aren't as rabid as some of the others. Speaking of which, we didn't stay long enough to see the video message; you can only take so much Johhny's fangirling if you haven't built up an immunity. But I did manage to get a shot of the TOKIO messages and photos.

Notice how there isn't a single serious shot. It's so perfect, it makes me smile. I love these guys so much. If you count back to when I first bought on of their CDs, I've been a fan for 16 years. 

Can't wait to see what they have planned for their 20th next year. 

Next: Tokyo Tower

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