Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yokohama/Tokyo Dec 2013: Part 6 - Early Morning

Taking my regular days off and determined to visit my grandmother twice a month as I always do, I decided to take the night bus back to Toyohashi rather than all the way back to Nagoya.

When I arrived at Toyohashi station, the shutters were still down. It was a bit of an odd sight, though I've seen Hamamatsu station that way before and I've had my share of seeing Nagoya station just as everything is shutting down. 

It wasn't too long before they opened the shutters and I waited for the first train then transferred to the next first train to the station near my grandmother's. The sun was just coming up and, despite how cold it was and how eager I was to curl up into a warm, heated futon, I couldn't resist taking a picture.

I made it to my grandmother's around 6:15am, had some breakfast, then proceeded to sleep for pretty much the rest of the day. A lovely way to (almost) end a nice trip out east. 

After getting some rest and catching up on my TV. I made my way back to Nagoya and got myself ready to go back to the daily grind until my New Year holiday.

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