Thursday, January 2, 2014

#MelShogatsu2014 紅白歌合戦

A few personal favorite moments and things from last night's Kohaku:
-Ayase Haruka completely out of her element and Arashi supporting her
-TOKIO being TOKIO and the footage from twenty years ago
-MASHA! That man is so damn gorgeous. Still tempted to try for his dome tour, but TOKIO's turning twenty and I need to save for that. 
-Miwa Akihiro being kick-ass awesome.
-Funasshi being Funasshi and scaring/annoying the crap out of everyone.
-Ishikawa Sayuri's Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki was so totally classically enka and awesome.
-Kanjani being Kanjani and still fitting in. Well done!
-Golden Bomber was fun.
-The Mizuki Nana and T.M.Revolution duet was awesome. I want more of these.
-Arashi's performace was solid. Makes makes me want to see them live again
-Izumiya Shigeru almost made me cry.
-It's Kitajima Saburo's last Kohaku! Dude! The end of an era. His performance was so totally awesome. He came in on a dragon. So cool.

The other awesome thing was that my grandmother stayed up for the whole thing. She usually goes to bed around nine-ish. I'm glad she got to see Sabu-chan's last Kohaku.

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