Sunday, January 26, 2014

OSD: This Week's Haul - The Smell of Sweet Happiness

Obsessive Stationery Disorder

I was going to be good (how many times have I said that and am I going to say that...), but I needed some Post-its for work and clear big stickies for my Kyoto trip (I'm actually in Kyoto at the time of posting this), and of course that lead to some impulse purchases. (Links are to the Japanese sites, as always.)

  • Post-it four-pack - For all the cool sticky notes that are out there in Japan, 3M's Post-its are still the best for that simple sticky notes. That or the 100yen shop versions, which aren't too bad, but 100yen shops are a whole different level of temptation that I try to stay away from.
  • Clear Film Fusen - These clear sticky notes are made to be put on top of maps and such to write notes. I'll probably write another post about these with some action shots. (Pine Book (the website doesn't have these on it))
  • maste washi masking tape "colorful dot" "colorful stripe" - From here begin the impulse buys. I had to get these rainbow dots and stripes. I'm sure I'll find a use for them. (maste MARK'S)
  • mt masking tape "colorful pop" - Possibly the masking tape company. This pattern was just so cute, I had to get it. I'm obviously leaning towards the white base and multi-colored patterns. I'll find a use for this too. (mt)
  • Zebra Sarasa Clip: Light Pink and Green - This was the most impulsive buy. (Zebra)
Zebra produced these Sarasas in collaboration with Pichi Lemon, a fashion magazine aimed at elementary and junior high school girls. You can kind of see the bows on the clips.

The pens are scented and the names are what got me. The scent of the Green is "Alice's Tea Party", as is depicted on the pen (got this for Samancha), and the scent of the Light Pink, which is unicorns and rainbows, is "Sweet Happiness". The unicorns look like My Little Ponies and the color scheme reminded me of Lisa Frank. 

I couldn't resist. And now I know what sweet happiness smells like. I think...
Here are all of the color: theme: scent combinations. Again, the last part is the scent.

  • Black: Soft Gothic & Lolita: Devilish Princess
  • Red: Retro & Girly: Rose Garden
  • Blue: Rock & Pop: Rock Mint
  • Orange: Sweet Macaron: Colorful Macarons
  • Green: Classic & British: Alice's Tea Party
  • Red Purple: Cosmetic: The Magic of Love
  • Light Pink: Happy & Heaven: Sweet Happiness
Yeah, I love Japan. 

Next week's post will probably be my Kyoto haul, which is going to either be a massively long post, or a series. Probably a series because I'd like to talk about the stores themselves too.

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