Thursday, January 9, 2014

#artoftype Ten Words, Ten Typefaces x4

I signed up for an online typography class to support my increasing interest in creating images, design, and sketching. Part of the course is sharing your project to get feedback from other students, but I thought I'd post my work on my blog too.

The first mini project is to pick ten fonts for ten words (1-sporty, 2-beautiful, 3-simple, 4-loud, 5-traditional, 6-childlike, 7-ugly, 8-danger, 9-futuristic, 10-flirty) and while I considered handwriting them, I don't often have a reason to explore fonts, plus I love scrolling through different fonts to see my personal reaction to each one.

I used an app called Phonto which is originally for, as you can guess, adding words to photos. But it's easy to use and has a lot of fonts, so it serves this purpose quite nicely. It was so easy, and me being the over-achieving indecisive person I am, I did this assignment four times.

So here are all four. I played around with the font sizes to make sure they fit neatly and the order of the words also affected my choices. All words are written in lowercase, so any capitals are due to the font. I made sure to not use the same font twice, though some are from the same family. The fonts for each set are in the captions.

The first two, I aimed for a traditional straight-forward match. I think I may have been more successful in the second set.
1 Avenir-Medium Oblique, 2 Snell Roundhand, 3 Helvetica-Light, 4 Draconian Typewriter, 5 Baskerville, 6 Optima-Italic, 7 Analog, 8 Capture it, 9 CicleFina, 10 Zapfino
1 Santagravita, 2 Avenir Next-Ultralight, 3 Gurmukhi MN, 4 Luckiest Guy-Regular, 5 Copperplate-Bold, 6 Clear Typewriter, 7 Makiba Font, 8 JMLetter, 9 Nemoy Medium, 10 Savage Let Plain
Then I tried for an opposite feel. Not sure I succeeded, but I'm decently satisfied with this set.
1 Ohisama Font, 2 Pig, 3 Kingthings Spikeless, 4 Cochin-Italic, 5 Graziano, 6 Times New Roman PSMT, 7 Didot-Italic, 8 Helvetica Neue-Ultralight, 9 Ewert-Regular, 10 Chunk Five
And finally, I picked fonts that were not quite opposite, but not really right either. Each invoke a little story or triggered a memory in me.
1 Monoton-Regular, 2 KFhimaji, 3 Remington Noiseless, 4 Codystar, 5 Orbitron-Light, 6 Strato-linked, 7 Copperplate-Light, 8 Clubland, 9 Chalkduster, 10 Damascus
This all started because when I put "danger" in Clubland: I had a flashback of John Oliver's running "Carlos Danger" gag when he stood in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, there's gotta be a clip online.)

There were so many options and with my overactive imagination, this took a really long time, but anyone who knows me well enough knows that I enjoyed every minute of it.

For anyone interested in the course, here's a link to get you $10 off. (Disclaimer: Signing up through this link will give me $10 credit.) If you do enroll, please tell me so I can see what you do with this project and the rest of the course.

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