Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obsessive Stationery Disorder: Taking the Plunge (i.e. I want a fountain pen!)

You guys know me well enough to know that "obsessed" explains me more accurately than "addict". This is the core reason I didn't go near fountain pens. That, and my regular handwriting is atrocious, but again, obsessed; I'm willing to try writing more neatly.

Fountain pen possibilities, as anyone into them knows, are essentially endless. The moment I found out that people mix their own ink cocktails, I knew I had to stay away. I don't buy things because they aren't perfect. Fountain pens mean perfection is continuosly possible even as I change over the years.

Yeah, that's not good for my sanity.

But with the Kyoto stationery haul, I now have a load of kick ass paper. I want a kick ass pen to match. I've found my excuse and I can't turn back.

With all the options and me being the analytical person I am, I've started gathering information. Japan being Japan, there are magazines on the topic and I picked up an earlier edition of a mainly fountain pen magazine my mother previously sent me. This one has interviews of fountain pen users as well as a simple beginner's Q&A.

Planning on asking around the net as well. And I need to make a simple Japanese pen glossary for different parts of the pen and such.

As for shops, turns out there's a small, but awesome fountain pen shop in Hama, so now I want to go try out some pens with Samancha who expressed interest in getting a fountain pen as well.

Down the rabbit hole to Fountain Pen Wonderland. I may never come back...


  1. I've written with a fountain pen since school and I don't think my handwriting looks as good without it. I also love the fact that you buy a new pen and gradually the nib 'moulds' to suit your handwriting and no one else should really use your pen. I wholeheartedly support your quests for fountain pens :)

    1. I'm quite excited by the idea. Fountain pens are a bit of a foreign concept to me and probably most Americans. Really looking forward to trying different pens and finding what I hope is the first of many. :)