Sunday, February 9, 2014

OSD: Work Pen Case #2

Obsessive Stationery Disorder

Still working on the Kyoto post I promised, so this week, a back-up post.

I introduced one of my work pen cases in December. Here's my other work pen case at my other workplace.

It's pretty much the same thing as the other pen case: Frixions in 0.7 Black, Green, Purple, Light Green, Light Blue, Pink, and Orange, 0.5 Blue and Red, a set of Frixion highlighters, and a Frixion eraser. I've noted what I use each pen for in the other post.

The difference is that since I teach kids more often at this workplace so I also have a set of Tombow Playcolors and a set of Sakura Coupy-Pencils so I can draw my stick figures and other awesome (?) drawings. See below.
What is it? It's a...
Awesome, right?
The Frixions are stored in a Kokuyo NeoCritz pen case and everything is stored in a Dr.ion caseThere's also a clipboard in there but I forgot to take it out for the picture. 

It took me a relatively long time to buy a second set; I was carrying one around with me all the time, but somewhere along the way, I got tired of carrying 9 pens and 6 highlighters around. So I bit the bullet (as if it were that painful for me) and bought a complete second set of pens. It was the right choice because of the sheer number of pens.


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